My Favorite Things: What I’m Loving Right Now


Happy Friday, Beauties!! I hope you’re having a great day or night so far. I don’t really do monthly favorites posts anymore, but I do enjoy occasionally sharing what I have been using nonstop as of late. I figured today I would not only share my current beauty faves, but also some music and podcast things. So, if you want to know what I’ve been digging lately, just keep reading. 

I haven’t picked up too many new beauty products recently, so most of the things I’m loving you’ve seen me talk about already. I’m super excited to share my music and podcast faves with you, just to kind of round things out. Make sure you let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving lately.


Since I’ve been on a low buy for the past few months, I haven’t picked up too many new products. So, the things I’ve been loving are products I’d either stopped using for a while, or are staples I haven’t been able to put down.


image via Macy’s

I know, I know. These are hella bougie and fake fancy. However, I can honestly say that the Shiseido Facial Cottons are definitely worth the $10 per pack. They’re super soft, but don’t leave little fibers or anything behind. I typically use mine with my toner and micellar water, and they’re awesome. You can load them up with product, so you don’t have to use a hundred just to get your face clean. I highly recommend these, and suggest picking up a pack during the Sephora VIB Sale so you can get a little bit of a discount. Oh, and make sure you use Ebates so you can get some cash back on top of the discount provided by Sephora. Surprisingly, I have been using the same pack for like, six months now or something crazy like that. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they cut theirs in half to double the amount you get in the pack, but I don’t do all that. I just grab a square and keep it moving.

My full review of this palette is coming next week, I promise. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette has been giving me all the feels. I’ve been using it off and on for about a month now, and it’s one of my current Palettes of the Month. In case you missed it, you guys chose this and the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Mini palette for me to use all month. The Soft Glam palette is pretty much perfect for my everyday life. In my opinion, it’s the subtle sister to the Modern Renaissance. I can get quick two shadow looks, or create a super glam look. Like I said, my full review is coming next week, but I’ll go on record now saying that I’m totally into it.


image via

My Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Eyeliner in Nude has been giving me everything I need lately. Since I have such dark circles under my eyes and a few wrinkles (insert crying emoji here), I’m trying to stay away from putting black or dark brown in my waterline. I feel like it closes my eyes and makes my dark circles pop more, so this nude pencil really keeps me looking awake all day long without moving around.


image via

You guys, I swear it’s been winter forever where I live, so lip balm has been a necessity. My all-time favorite, the one that I simply can’t live without, is the Carmex Classic Lip Balm. Whether I put it on in the morning or before bed, it just hydrates my lips on another level. I’ve tried more expensive balms and none of them give me the hydration and softness that Carmex does. I have about a million of these in all of the formulas it comes in. You can get Carmex in a pot, in the squeeze tube format shown above, or in a stick. All formats perform perfectly, so it’s all about your preference. They have different scented ones too. If you don’t try anything else I talk about today, this is the one you need to pick up for sure if you’ve never used it and are looking for a great lip balm.

Now that we’ve gone over my favorite beauty products as of late, let’s get into some entertainment type things I’ve been loving.


Let’s start with TV. I’m a huge TV girl, but find myself watching the news and older tv shows more than new things. There are a few recently aired shows I’ve been into lately, however, that I want to share with you.


Seven Seconds is definitely a standout show on Netflix that I watched last month. It’s super intense from episode one, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you may want to skip this one. It’s about an Assistant DA investigating the murder of an African-American teenaged boy by White police officers in New Jersey. You guys, I cried watching this. It was just a lot, but in a really good way. Regina King, one of my favorite actresses, portrays the mother of the victim, and omg her performance is literally everything.


image via

I’m not a big comic book girl, but I really enjoy watching some of the comic book hero shows and movies. Netflix really kills the game for me right now with their Marvel Comics programs. I recently finished up Season 2 of Jessica Jones and I LOVED IT! I like that Marvel Heroes are flawed, you know? Jessica Jones, for example, is a raging alcoholic with a super bad temper, but I adore her nonetheless. Her flaws make her a great hero, in my opinion. I won’t spoil it for you. I just suggest checking it out. My other favorite, Luke Cage, comes back this summer and I can’t wait!!


Another show on Netflix that I adore is Grace and Frankie. Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin are hysterical on this show. If you’ve never seen it, Grace and Frankie are basically two women that become besties after their husbands reveal that they’ve been in a relationship for over twenty whole ass years and are finally ready to marry each other. There are four seasons of this, so it would take me forever to break every little nuance down. All I’m going to say is that you should totally binge this show. You’ll love it.


For music lately, Cardi B has been giving me LIFE! I have been listening to ‘Bodak Yellow’ heavy ever since it came out, but wasn’t really into her other single, ‘Bartier Cardi’. Her album, Invasion of Privacy, just dropped today and I’m super into it so far. Cardi B is just out here killing the game, and I’m here for it.

The Read is, by far, my absolute favorite podcast. Kid Fury and Crissle are pretty much everything. They don’t have a lot of guests, which I love because I feel like I really get to know them by listening to the show. They’re super funny and hella real, which is exactly what I look for when I’m checking out new podcasts and such. My favorite segment on their show is ‘Hot Tops’, in which they discuss celebrity gossip. ‘The Read’ at the end is always classic as well. Kid Fury and Crissle are definitely my besties in my head, and I never miss an episode.

I’ve been binge listening to Small Doses with Amanda Seales for the past couple of days and I’m totally hooked. I’ve been a fan of Amanda Seales for years. Like, back in her Amanda Diva YouTube days, so when I found out she had a podcast I knew I needed to check it out. Also, you may recognize Amanda from her role as Tiffany on the HBO show Insecure. On Small Doses, Amanda sits you down and basically hips you to game on a range of topics. I love her ‘DM Tea’ segment where she reads questions from her fans that are in her DMs. I definitely think y’all should check her out.

Alrighty then, y’all. Those are all of the random things that I’ve been loving lately. Make sure you let me know in the comments what products, shows, podcasts, and music have been giving you life lately.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

DISCLAIMER: All product links included in this post are affiliate links via MagicLinks. If you purchase through the links provided, I may make a small commission on your purchase. By purchasing through my affiliate link, you are helping me maintain the blog and purchase products to review for you. I appreciate the support, whether you click the link or not. xoxo

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