My Favorite Things: Best of Maybeline #drugstoreweek


Hey there, Beauties!! I hope you’re all doing well. To kick off Drugstore Week, I wanted to share with you some of the best products from one of my favorite drugstore brands, Maybelline. Based on the poll you guys did on my Twitter, a lot of you agree that Maybelline makes the best complexion products at the drugstore, but they have some other dope products I’d recommend. So, if you want to know what I think the best products Maybelline has to offer are, just keep on reading. 

Maybelline is the first drugstore brand that I remember purchasing from. Even now, they are the first brand I look to for certain products when I’m in the drugstore. Most of my favorite drugstore foundations are Maybelline, as you’ll see shortly. Last year when we did Drugstore Week, I did a post about some of my favorite Maybelline products that you can check out here. Some of the items I mentioned in that post I still swear by, and I’ve added a couple of things since then.

Oh, before I forget. Right now at Ulta, Maybelline is Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off, so if you see something you like, I definitely suggest stocking up while you can get a good deal.

Enough talking, let’s get into my favorite Maybelline products!

For years, I’ve used and recommended the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation, $7.99, to my friends. It really is a great foundation for those of you with oily skin. Now that my skin is more normal to dry, I haven’t used this as much. However, I’m going to break it out in the summer when my skin tends to be more oily. The Fit Me lasts great on the skin without looking cakey or breaking up throughout the day.

A new foundation from Maybelline that I’ve grown to love is the Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation, $11.99. It provides full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. There are only 16 shades in this range, which is a little disappointing. That’s why I haven’t done a review of it. If you guys want me to review it, let me know in the comments.

When it comes to drugstore concealer, no brand beats Maybelline for me. Whether it’s the Fit Me Concealer, $6.99, or the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer, $8.99, I know I can’t go wrong when I use them. The Fit Me Concealer is a little more liquidy than the Instant Age Rewind, but they’re both easy to blend and last great under the eye. The Age Rewind range just got some shades added to it, and I couldn’t be happier. You really can’t go wrong with either one of these in your collection.


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The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder, $7.99, is the best loose powder at the drugstore, hands down. It comes in 8 shades, which you don’t even find in a lot of high end brands. It sets the face, including the under eye, without getting cakey or looking desert-dry. You get great results whether you use a brush or a sponge to apply it.


The Maybelline FaceStudio Blender, $5.99, is one of the best beauty sponges I’ve tried. It’s squishy and soft and blends out foundation and concealer quickly. Like most sponges, it does absorb some of your product, but nothing too crazy. I love that it comes to a nice point at the top. It makes it super easy to blend your product in the little nooks and crannies of the face.


For me, any product that makes it easier to do my brows is a winner. The Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil, $7.99, changed my mind completely about drugstore brow pencils. The formula of the pencil is just right, not too waxy, not too dry. The tiny spoolie takes some getting used to, but it actually isn’t bad for brushing the brows if you have more thin brows like I do. The angular shape of the tip allows you to create small strokes as well as fill in the whole brow quickly.

Mascara is my jam. When I find a great mascara that gives me volume and length without being all flakey and excessively clumpy, I stick with it. The Colossal Big Shot, $7.99, has been a favorite of mine for years now. I don’t currently have it in my collection because I’m working through literally five open mascaras right now, including the other one we’re going to talk about. However, I will definitely be picking up another tube when I’m done with these open ones.

The Total Temptation Mascara, $9.49, is fairly new, but I love it. My favorite thing about it is that it doesn’t make your lashes crunchy. You know how most mascaras are kind of like hairspray and make your lashes hard? Well, the Total Temptation makes your lashes feel as soft as they do when you’re not wearing anything. Just like the Colossal Big Shot, I find that the Total Temptation gives my lashes volume and length that lasts throughout the day and is a mascara that you can build and build without it flaking and transfering.



ColorSensational Creamy Matte Lipstick, $7.49 (Burgandy Blush)

Lastly, I couldn’t do a post about Maybelline without discussing the ColorSensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks, $7.49. They come in so many different colors and are the most comfortable matte bullet lipsticks on the market, high end or drugstore. I have so many of these in my collection that I could probably do an entire post about just these. They came out with some liquid lipsticks a while back, but I don’t really like them as much as the traditional lipsticks from Maybelline.

Alright, my loves, those are all of the products that I think are worth your coins from Maybelline. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite Maybelline products are.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

DISCLAIMER: All product links included in this post are affiliate links via MagicLinks. If you purchase through the links provided, I may make a small commision on your purchase.


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