Why Is Nobody Talking About These?!: Underhyped Products I Love


Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! We all have those super hyped up products sprinkled throughout our collections, but what about those things we love that no one ever talks about? When do they get their moment in the proverbial digital sun? They will have their time today because I’m sharing some of my favorite underhyped products with you. So, if you wanna read about products I love that aren’t always in a YT favorites video or something, just keep on reading. 

I have so many items in my makeup collection that I purchased simply because everyone and their mother was talking about them. However, I have found lately that most of the products I’ve been reaching for the most are ones that I never hear anyone talking about anymore, or were never really super hyped up to begin with. Whether they be high end or drugstore, the products I’ll be mentioning today are definitely in need of some more love.

Enough talking about it, let’s get into the list of products I think more people should be talking about!


The Milani Amore Shine Liquid Lipcolors, $8.99, came out not too long ago, and I swear I haven’t heard anyone talking about them. These are right in line with the current glossy lip trend, and are hella affordable. The pigmentation is fantastic and they last pretty well on the lips without fading or giving you that weird lip line that some glosses give. I don’t know why I haven’t heard more about these, but I highly recommend them if you’re a glossy lip lover.


image via Temptalia

I’m not the biggest blush girl persay. I have the ones that I like and rarely try anything else. However, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trios, $30, are definitely worth the coins and I feel like they were never really talked about in the beauty community. Even when these blush trios were released last year, I don’t really recall seeing too many videos about them. I have the trio shown above, Peachy Love, and it’s THE BOMB!! It’s a super pigmented blush, but blends out nicely so you don’t end up with clown cheeks if you tap your brush before application. I definitely plan on picking up another one of these trios in the future, as long as ABH doesn’t discontinue them.


image via NYX Cosmetics

I get that the name of this product probably turned people off, but I promise you guys it’s good. The NYX Worth the Hype Mascara, $7.99, is pretty legit. It gives my lashes a great amount of volume AND length, which we all know if hard to find in one mascara, and it doesn’t flake off on me during the day. I don’t know why everyone is sleeping on this one, but I think it’s a great mascara.


image via Trendmood

The final products I love that I don’t hear anyone talk about are the Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows, $24 each. Everyone goes on and on about the Glitter & Glow liquid shadows, but the shimmer version is just as good. They are pigmented and go on so nicely on the eyes. They blend out like a dream and don’t crease up on you as the day goes on. If you haven’t tried these yet, I definitely suggest swatching one and seeing if you’re into it. Plus, it’s a great way to get that foiled shadow look in one step, and I’m all about that quick makeup application life.

Those are all of the products that I wish more people were talking about because they’re freaking awesome. Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite underrated/underhyped makeup products are.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

DISCLAIMER: All product links included in this post are affiliate links via MagicLinks. If you purchase through the links provided, I may make a small commision on your purchase.


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