March 12-16 Week in Review


Hello and Happy Friday, Beauties!! I hope you all had a fantastic week. It’s time for my March 12-16th Week in Review, where we go over the products I loved this week as well as check out the looks I created.  If you’re interested in going over my makeup situation from this week, just keep on reading. 

Alrighty then, y’all. This week was the second week I was using the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette you all voted for me to use for the month. As I told you in my mid-month check in (click HERE if you missed it) post on Wednesday, I’m getting pretty bored. The palette is good, I’m just ready to use other things.

Anyway, there were a couple of other things that stood out to me this week, so let’s cut the chatter and get into it!



image via Anastasia Beverly Hills

Y’all, I finally broke down and picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 Large Tapered Blending Brush, $25, and I LOVE IT!!!! OMG I finally get what all of the hype about this brush is for. I have a few highlighting brushes (obvs), but none of them apply and blend my highlight like this one. I haven’t had it long enough to call it my new favorite yet, but it’s working its way to the top of the list. We’ll see how it performs after a deep clean, because we all know that some brushes don’t work the same after you wash them. I’m really into this brush though. I might even get a second one. That’s how much I’m liking it so far.


image via

While we’re on the subject of ABH, let’s talk about the Blush Trio in Peachy Love, $30. Don’t let the lightness of the colors in the photo fool you. These blushes are pigmented AF and show up nicely on my deeper skin. You can create a soft wash of blush by tapping the brush off, but you can also build it up if you’re into a more intense looking blush. I definitely want to get another one of these. I know they’re aren’t really new to the market, but they’re new to my collection and I’m into them.

My favorite lip products this week were definitely the Ellarie and Colourpop collab Ultra Glossy Lip in Netta, $6 and the Lippie Pencil in Ellarie, $5. These two look gorgeous together or separately. The lip gloss is longer lasting than some other glosses in my collection and it’s got a lot of pigmentation to it. The lippie pencil glides on without tugging and isn’t dry like a lot of lip pencils can be. I definitely recommend these two.


image via Temptalia

The final standout product for this week is the Milani Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in the shade Glowing, $9.99. I tried these a long time ago, but ended up decluttering it for some reason. I’m glad I gave it another chance because this highlight is stunning. It doesn’t overemphasize my pores or texture, and blends into the cheeks nicely. This range comes in four shades total, so you’re bound to find one that works well with your skintone.

DISCLAIMER: All product links included in this post are affiliate links via MagicLinks. If you purchase through the links provided, I may make a small commision on your purchase.

Those were all of the products that I was loving this week. Let me know in the comments below what products rocked your world this week.

Now, let’s check out the looks I did this week.


I technically wore makeup four days this week, but none of the pictures I took for yesterday’s look were not my faves at all. Plus, I just did some liquid liner and a matte shade from the TF Chocolate Gold palette in the crease. Nothing fancy.

Moving on, I’m finding more and more ways to get variation in my looks while using the Too Faced palette without being inappropriate for work. Today’s look (bottom left) is the most I’ve done on a Friday for a minute, just without any foundation. The supplemental palette I used to accompany the Too Faced palette this week was the ABH Soft Glam, $42, which I’m definitely into. I need to be able to give it my undivided attention before I can give it a full review for you guys. So far, so good though.


This was definitely my favorite look this week. The Ellarie and Colourpop Collab lip products really set the whole look off for me. You can’t see it, but I have a shadow from the Too Faced palette on my eyes, just lightly so the shade (Money Bags I think) wasn’t too intense for daytime.

Alright y’all, that’s it for this week’s review. Let me know in the comments below what products you loved this week and tag me on Instagram @theregulargirlreviews so I can see your favorite looks you created as well.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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