Pick My Palette Mid-Month Check In



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Hello and welcome back, Beauties! I hope you’re having a great day so far. If you’ll recall, I recently had you guys vote and choose a palette for me to use for the entire month of March. I figured it would be fun to come on here and give you guys kind of a status update regarding how I’m getting along with the palette so far. So, if you guys would like to hear my current thoughts on the palette you chose for me, just keep on reading. 

You guys picked the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bar Palette for me to use for the entire month of March. This is the second week of use and I definitely have some thoughts on the palette.

I won’t bore you with a long intro. Let’s just jump right into it!


When I first got the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Metallic/Matte palette, I was totally here for it. You can read my original review of the palette HERE if you’re interested. In that review, I tell you how much I enjoy the palette, even with the fallout I experienced with some of the metallics.


Here are last week’s looks that I did with the palette. Although they give you those four matte shadows in the palette, I still find that I need to pull in other palettes for matte shades because I need some variety when it comes to mattes, ya know?

Now that I’ve been using this palette for about two weeks, I still like it, but I’m getting bored. I’ve noticed that some of the shades work better with a wet brush, while all of them work great when applied with your finger. The fallout you guys? My God. It’s not the worst that I’ve ever experienced, but it’s definitely there. When you wet your brush, the fallout isn’t AS intense, but is definitely still a thing. Since I do my eyeshadow when I get to work, my base is already done when I do my shadow and it’s such a hassle to get the metallic flakes of gold or green off my face.

My biggest complaint? I’m bored, y’all. I’m so far beyond bored with this palette right now that it’s legit making me a little nutty. I’m going to push through and finish out the month, of course, but I just had to go on record saying I’m a little over it currently lol.

I would still recommend this palette to anyone that loves metallics, because the pigmentation of this can’t be denied, and the shadows last FOREVER on the eyes. However, it’s definitely a supplemental palette for me, even with those four little matte shadows.

Alright loves, that’s my mid-month check in. We’ll revisit this at the end of the month and see if my thoughts have changed. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the palette.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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