Anti Haul #3: What I’m Not Gonna Buy

anti haul

Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! In an effort to maintain my low buy, I’ve been much more critical of new and upcoming releases. This inspired me to do another anti haul, aka what I’m not gonna buy *in my Kimberly Clark voice*. So, if you wanna know what I’m not going to spend my coins on, just keep on reading. 

As I’ve stated previously in other posts, I’m not doing disclaimers here. If it eases your mind before entering into this post any further, replay the anti haul disclaimers you’ve heard or read countless times, and apply it to this one. I’ll be using images from the Trendmood Instagram page, which is linked here. She’s my main source of all things new makeup and skincare, and I definitely recommend her page if you enjoy staying up to date on the latest and upcoming releases.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into what products I won’t be buying.


The first thing that I’m not going to buy is the Like a Boss palette from Violet Voss. I don’t own anything from Violet Voss, and this palette doesn’t inspire me to change that. It looks like every other Violet Voss palette that I’ve seen. It also looks like so many other palettes that I have in my collection, so it would just be a waste of money for me to buy this, especially at the $45 pricetag. Nope, no thanks, Violet.


Another thing that I’m not going to buy is the Benefit Blush Bar Blush Palette. I’m not sure on the pricing for this, but I’m sure it’s in the $40-$50 range. Anyway, the price isn’t why I’m not into it. I’m not buying this because the powders inside aren’t going to work for my skintone, or just don’t appeal to me. Hoola is way too light for me to use it as a bronzer, Dandelion is way too light of a pink for me, and the other powders are all blush with shimmer, which isn’t my jam either. I really wish that Benefit would join the rest of us in 2018 and start coming out with a more diverse range of shades in their powder products. I mean, their concealers and foundation too, but that’s a whole other conversation for another day.


Up next is the Becca Gradient Sunlit Bronzer. Now, you guys know that I am a huge fan of Becca Cosmetics, especially their powder formulas. I just am not a fan of gradient products because, in my mind, you’re not guaranteed to get the same color with each application. One move to the left or right with your brush and your bronzer could end up a totally different color on one cheek versus the other.


Urban Decay recently released their Naked Petite Heat palette, which is a mini version of the Naked Heat palette from last summer/fall. The mini has five mattes and one demi-matte/satin shade, and will run you $29. I’m not buying this because I already have the full sized Naked Heat palette. I wish this one had come out first, because I definitely would’ve picked it up instead of getting the larger palette. If you don’t have the Naked Heat, I’d say this is worth trying out. For me personally, it just wouldn’t make sense to buy since I have the original.


*deep sigh* This is the Tarte Be A Mermaid and Make Waves palette. It costs $42. Even if I was currently purchasing anything from Tarte, which I’m not, I wouldn’t buy this palette. While the packaging is cute and everything, I’m just not a mermaid girl unless it’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I don’t look for those vibes in my makeup purchases. On top of all of that, this palette looks like every other Tarte eyeshadow palette that I have. Those shimmery shades resemble the shades in the Tartetiest Pro palette, which I decluttered months ago because I just wasn’t using it, and the mattes look like pretty much the last four Tarte palettes I purchased.


Yet another eyeshadow palette that I won’t be purchasing is the Lime Crime VenusXL. First of all, it’s $56, so that’s a thing. Secondly, this is just yet another ABH Modern Renaissance: The Remix kind of palette in my opinion. I already don’t use my MR that often, so I know I wouldn’t get any use out of this. Plus, I’ve got my eye on the new Viseart Petite Pro, which is smaller and a similar color story. That Viseart palette is only $30 too, which is another pull for me.


image via makeupworldnews (Instagram)

Oh, Too Faced smh. This is the Natural Face Palette, $48, that will be available as of March 15th. This is part of the new It Just Comes Naturally Collection that launches next week. There are also lipsticks, ‘revamped’ bronzers (aka the Chocoloate Soleil bronzers repackaged), and the repackaged Natural Eyes and Natural Matte eyeshadow palettes. Too Faced won’t be getting my money this time. I’m just not interested. As my Beauty News ladies, Kat and Hailey, would say, this whole collection is giving me Nana Glam vibes….without the glam. Like I said, I’m just not into it.


image via makeupworldnews (Instagram)

The final product I won’t be purchasing is an entire collection. The Wet n’Wild Goth-o-Graphic collection is like the unicorn/mermaid craze from last summer, but with skulls instead of unicorns. There are highlighters in three different formulas, Liquid Catsuit liquid lipsticks and liquid shadows. This collection just isn’t my thing, plain and simple.

I could go on and on about what I’m not going to buy, but now it’s time for you guys to let me know what new or upcoming beauty releases that you aren’t investing your coint in.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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