Let’s Talk About It: Tati’s Halo Beauty Launch


Hello and welcome back, Beauties! I hope you’re having a great day so far. So, I wasn’t initially going to even discuss this topic, but after watching some videos and seeing what everyone is saying in the beauty community, I found myself with some thoughts I want to share. So, if you want to chat with me about the whole drama that has become the launch of Beauty Influencer Tati’s line, Halo Beauty, just keep reading. 

Now, I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of disclaimers and blah blah blah’s. If you’ve been on social media for the past few days, you’ve probably seen much worse commentary about this whole situation than anything I could fathom saying about it, so there’s that.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it.

On Friday (March 2nd), Tati (aka glamlifeguru on YouTube) officially launched her brand, Halo Beauty. If you watch her videos like I do, you were probably surprised during her reveal video a few days before the launch when she told us that the product she was releasing was a vitamin. I had to watch the video twice just to make sure that’s what I was hearing. Tati is most popularly known for her makeup and skincare reviews, so to see her launch her brand with a hair, nails and skin vitamin called the Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, & Nails Booster. The boosters are $40 for a 30-day supply, and you take two boosters a day. Tati claims that you will see results in about three weeks time.

After Tati’s reveal video, The Internet went CRAZY!!!! People were leaving Tati such mean and negative comments that she actually disabled the comments on her launch video. We’ll get into what people were saying in a second. Then, the drama video roll out happened, and sh*t got super real, super fast.

I saw people raging on Tati, trying to discredit her and just be plain mean. I get that people don’t get why Tati would create a supplement, because I didn’t get it either. However, attacking her character and being hateful towards her is just ignorant. In Tati’s video last night where she responds to questions and shade she’s gotten about her product, she shares that someone was looking to make a drama video about her mom. Her MOM, you guys. What in the whole hell is wrong with people? What does anything Tati is releasing have to do with her mother?! People are just weird, man, and I don’t get it. The whole lashing out that I’ve seen just confirms that, not only are people just weird, they hide behind the cloak of anonymity that the online world provides. Social Media has given us a platform, as consumers in this example, to speak directly to brands and tell them what we love and hate, which, in theory, is and can be a great thing. However, it has also provided a space where the trolls can flourish, which sucks.

Speaking of Tati’s video that she posted late last night, you can check it out here. The video is almost an hour long, and I definitely think she answered some of the questions and attacks she’s gotten since launching on Friday. Did it make me want to spend $40 on some vitamins? No, because for ME that’s just not something I wanna do. Does that mean I’m going to attack Tati and all that other foolishness? Absolutely not.

I guess my thing is, while it doesn’t make sense to me for Tati to release a supplement first instead of makeup or skincare, who am I to judge? Who are any of us to say what she should or should not have released? Yeah, Tati isn’t a chemist or nutritionist or anything, but she didn’t claim she was either. She’s made it clear from day one that she has worked with a team of people that actually know about this sort of thing and used facilities that are designed for this stuff.

Some of the stuff folks are all up in arms about is common sense. One of the ingredients was said to negatively impact birth control, so people were dragging her for that. First of all, y’all know that the effectiveness of anything is based on how much of it is in whatever you’re talking/using, and not just the inclusion of said ingredient, right? Second of all, if you’re on birth control and think ANYTHING going to mess with the strength or effectiveness of it, ask your doctor. That’s what their job is about, advising you on what’s best for your health. It’s not Google, WebMD, or Tati’s job to do that.

When it all boils down to it, as a consumer you have the right to financially support whatever you want. If Halo Beauty’s first product doesn’t ring your bell, don’t freaking buy it. If you want to spend $40 for one month’s supply of vitamins, do your thing. But to go online and harass and bully Tati is not only rude and ignorant af, it’s pointless. Do you really think that y’all (I use the term generally, not specifically) are going to bully Tati into shutting down shop? I hope not, because that’s just unrealistic, among other things.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the whole Halo Beauty Boosters situation.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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