This Month’s Palette Is….


Hello and Happy Monday, Beauties!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I’ve calculated all of the votes in the comments here and via the poll I did on Twitter for your choice of eyeshadow palette I’ll use all of March, and we have a winner. If you want to see which palette was chosen to be my palette of the month, just keep on reading. 

If you recall, last week I posted that I wanted your help choosing an eyeshadow palette to use for the month of March. I’ll link to the original post here in case you missed it. I asked you guys to vote between the ABH Modern Renaissance, Too Faced Chocolate Gold, Urban Decay Naked Heat and the Lorac MegaPro 4. Between your comments here on the blog and your votes via the Twitter poll, one palette has been selected for me to use for the entire month of March. I must say, this one is going to be a bit more challenging to use for a whole month, but I’m excited to play with it.

Okay okay, enough preamble. Let’s get into it!

Based on your votes, the palette I’ll be using for the month is the….


image via

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bar!! I’m excited to give this more of a try because the shades are so gorgeous. The challenge for me is going to be working some of the shades like Livin’ Lavish into my every day makeup looks since I work in an office setting, and I’m not sure how my boss would feel about hot pink shadow lol. I’ll have a look on my Instagram shortly and you’ll see how I worked the palette today. My IG is @theregulargirlreviews, so make sure you’re following me to see how I manage to pull off some work appropriate looks with this palette.

Now, there are only four mattes in this palette, so I may have to pull in some single shadows here and there to get some variation in my looks. I can’t see myself doing a black outer corner every single day for a month. I’d be bored to tears.

This was such a fun game. I can’t wait to see what palette you guys pick for April. Let me know in the comments below which color from the palette you’re most excited to see me work into a look.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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