YouTuber of the Week: Kelsee Briana Jai


image via Instagram (@kelseebrianajai)

Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! This week’s featured YouTuber is one that I watch when I’m looking for the tea on high end and luxury makeup. If you’re interested in hearing why I am so hooked on her channel, then keep on reading!


We all have certain YouTubers we go to for certain things. When I’m looking for info on the newest high end and luxury makeup releases, I check to see if Kelsee has reviewed them because I know she’s going to give me the information I need without all of the unnecessary stuff.

Since Kelsee is a working makeup artist (she recently did makeup for Jill Scott on her recent tour), I know that she is actively using products all of the time and not just for the sake of her channel. Knowing this makes me trust her reviews in a different way than I trust some of my other faves on The Tube.

Speaking of Kelsee’s reviews, they are always in-depth and full of demos on the products. She also does favorites videos, vlogs and tutorials. Her channel is a great mix of all the things I started watching YouTube for.

If you’re tired of seeing the same content delivered in the same fashion, I definitely recommend you check out Kelsee’s channel.

Who are some of your favorite smaller YouTubers to watch? Let me know in the comments below, and you may see them featured here on the blog!

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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