Beauty Products I Won’t Be Buying in 2018

anti haul

I know, I’ve been using this image a lot lately. It’s part of my process. Don’t judge me lol.

Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! I hope your day is off to a great start. I got the inspiration for this post from my good friend Liv on YouTube. There are so many beauty products I’ve wasted money on in the past that I’m determined not to make that same mistake this year, so I’m sharing my list with you guys for accountability purposes. So, if you wanna see what beauty products I WON’T be buying this year, just keep on reading.

Like I said in the intro, I got the inspiration for this post from my friend Liv of livloveshermakeup on YouTube. I’ll link her video HERE so you can check it out. The whole concept is kind of like an anti-haul, but more directed to a range of things instead of specific releases. There are so many things I’ve purchased that no longer work for or interest me that I kind of regret blowing my money on. So, I’ve decided that 2018 will be the year I cut the crap and stop buying them.

Now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get into my list of beauty related products that I WON’T be purchasing this year.


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The first thing that I win not be purchasing anymore of in 2018 are makeup wipes. They just don’t do anything for me now that I wear more makeup than I used to. Between liquid liner and full coverage foundations, I’m having to use at least two just to get my makeup off. Plus, I’ve found that micellar water and cleansing balms are much more effective for the removal of this full face of product I have on.


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Another item that I won’t be buying anymore of in 2018 are false lashes. I have a ton that are getting zero use because I don’t know how to put the damn things on. When I really got into makeup and YouTube, I felt like I was SUPPOSED to own false lashes because I’d see just about everyone I was watching wearing them and talking about how great they are. I’m going to just keep the ones I have and, if I don’t end up learning how to use them, I have plenty of friends that I can give the unused pairs to.


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This year, I refuse to purchase another contouring palette. First of all, finding one with a shade deep enough for me to contour with is always a struggle. Second of all, I don’t see the need to contour. My face shape is defined enough for my liking, so I’m good on the whole process. Every contour palette I’ve ever purchased has ended up being given away to a friend, so why keep wasting my money?


I’ve found that spending my money on high end facial cleansers is just a waste. There are so many great cleansers at the drugstore that perform just as well, if not better in some cases, than high end that I just can’t justify purchasing expensive face wash. The same goes for face creams. My Pacifica moisturizers and CeraVe cleanser are giving my skin so much life that I can’t see myself going back to more expensive options.


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Guys, I just can’t get with setting spray anymore. I’ve tried high end and drugstore sprays and have decided that I just don’t like them. No matter which ones I try, they all make product settle into my pores, thus negating all of the work I’ve done to minimize their appearance. So, I’m not buying them anymore. I’ll use something like the Smashbox Primer Water before makeup to hydrate my skin, but that’s it.

That’s my list of products that I will NOT be buying in 2018. Let me know in the comments below what beauty related products you’re not going to buy this year.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Won’t Be Buying in 2018

  1. DreaCN says:

    One suggestion. If you like the look of false lashes but can’t get them on, try just using half lashes on the outer edge of your eyes. They are absolutely no issue to put on because its such a small strip, and it gives you just a little more volume and oomph. Plus they look so much more natural, really most people would never even know the difference!

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