PSA: Slight Posting Changes


Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! There are a couple of changes that I’ll be making content-wise so I wanted to let you guys know so we’re all on the same page. They aren’t anything too drastic, but I definitely wanted to put it out there for y’all. So, if you want to know what to expect from the blog now, just keep on reading. 

Okay so, you guys know that I have always done pretty serialized content. For example, every Monday, for the most part, I post my YouTuber of the Week picks. I’ve created so many different series here that have either fallen to the waist side on my part, or I’ve found that they don’t tend to get as many views as others. Now that we have so many new people hanging out with us (HEY Y’ALL!!!!) thanks to the OGs that have been here from the beginning sharing the content, as well as some of my YouTube friends shouting the blog out.

So, because of this, I will be making a few slight tweaks to what you guys will be reading. It’s nothing too crazy or anything, just so we’re clear. Also, I want to hear more from you guys in regards to content. Let me know what you guys want more or less of from me here on the blog and on my Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews).

Here are the changes I have planned for the blog.

  • Instead of my traditional three posts every day, I’ll be cutting down to two most days. There will be some days that you’ll still get three posts, but for the most part I’ll just have two posts per day. If there will be fewer, or none, on a given day, I’ll be sure to put the info out on my Instagram and Twitter (@theregulargirl1) pages, so make sure you’re following me there for posting updates and such.
  • Since I post what products I’ve loved on a weekly basis, I won’t be doing monthly favorites posts as frequently. Instead, I’ll be doing quarterly My Favorite Things posts. I test so many products out on a weekly basis, it’s hard to put together a monthly favorites post because I typically test out products for a week at a time. Making the posts quarterly will allow me to really give products some time to either become favorites or flops.
  • I want to bring back my Makeup Battle and This or That series more regularly, so my goal is to do at least two per month. I also want to do more Favorite Things posts. I really enjoy doing those posts for you guys, so they’re coming back.
  • As I’ve become more and more comfortable with doing my makeup, I am really enjoying posting looks. So, I plan to do more seasonal looks for you guys, like for Valentine’s Day and such.

Like I said before, nothing too major will be changing. I like our little hangout spot the way it is, but am always interested in making adjustments that will make our time together even more fun. Let me know in the comments below what you guys want to see here and we’ll make it happen.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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