The Low Buy Struggle

anti haul

Hello and welcome back, Beauties! So, I’m on an indefinite low buy right now, and it kind of sucks. If you want to know more about my low buy struggle, just keep on reading. 

Okay so, here’s the thing. I am someone that loves pretty much all the things. I am always looking for my next holy grail product. Even before I started the blog, I was into having just about everything I saw my favorite beauty influencers talking about on YouTube or Instagram. I can’t really say why, but that’s just me. Now that I have the blog, I can say with certainty that I’ve used it as an excuse to purchase products that I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise just for the sake of reviewing them, and I don’t want to do that anymore.


Me looking at all of the things during this low buy. The struggle is real.

I decided at the beginning of the year that I want to curb my spending and make purchases based on things I’m really interested in, not just because someone else said I need it or because it’s a hot product. With that being said, I am on a serious low buy. Indefinitely. I didn’t put an end date on it because, knowing myself, I would be watching the calendar like a hawk in anticipation for the day I could go to Ulta and ball out. I do much better when I don’t put too many restrictions on myself.

I must admit that it has been much more difficult than I initially anticipated. It’s not that I can’t resist some releases, because that isn’t my problem. Some stuff comes out and I immediately know that it’s not gonna be my jam. But ever since I started the low buy, I feel like these brands are testing my gangsta by coming out with stuff that I really, REALLY want to try. Or at least THINK I want to try. I’m fairly certain that this is just me trying to justify making unnecessary, huge purchases, but whatever.

The point I’m trying to make is, I have to dial back on the spending and put my money into products that I am excited to have. I declutter my collection so frequently because it’s always full of products that I either never used or that I used briefly and didn’t like. All of this happens because I want everything that’s popular, not what I personally am interested in. Hence, the low buy.


I’ve done okay so far. I have been sitting on this Ulta 20% off coupon for a couple of days and am so glad that I didn’t rush out and throw all the makeup things in the bag just because I have a coupon, something I historically would’ve done. I’m really paying attention to releases and asking myself the hard questions I never did before. ‘Toni, are you gonna use this after the testing period?’ ‘Are you even going to take the time to try it, or do you just want to be one of the cool kids and say you have it?’ ‘Why do you want to buy a liquid lipstick from this brand when you hate the formula?’ ‘You know you already have 20294857593029574 versions of that shadow, right? Get your life together.’

For the record, my low buy isn’t going to hinder me from doing reviews for you guys. I have enough makeup in my collection that I haven’t even touched yet or discussed here, so the content won’t suffer in lieu of my low buy. Plus, I am going to make purchases here and there, just with more intent and not because the product is popular or whatever. Also, I have amazing friends that I swap makeup with, so that’s going to not only help with content, but keep me from buying all the things.

So, are any of you also on a low buy, or even a no buy, right now? If you are, let me know in the comments below how you’re getting along with it without experiencing FOMO.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo




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