Get It or Forget It?: Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme

Hey there, Beauties! Welcome back to our little corner of the web! I tested this Becca foundation for a week, and am ready to share my thoughts on it with you. So, if you wanna know about my experience with the Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme, just keep reading. 


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The Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme, $44, comes in 18 shades. The shades available are in a great gradient of color, as shown in the image below, making it pretty easy to find your shade. Or, at bare minimum, a shade very close to your shade. I picked up the shade Mahogany, which is one of the deepest shades in the range. It’s definitely too dark for me. I should’ve picked up Sienna, but I still made the shade I purchased work. This is what happens when you don’t swatch before purchase, folks.


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Anywho, let’s take a look at the claims from the Ulta website:

Becca’s Ultimate Coverage Foundation is a full-coverage, 24-hour wear, water-resistant foundation – enriched with intense pigments and water to achieve natural, weightless coverage. Coverage without the cake! One pump effortlessly covers imperfections, redness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture – giving you ultimate confidence! Each water-resistant shade is formulated with a balance of intense pigments for full coverage and 22% water for a natural finish that lasts all day. This best-selling liquid foundation is great for all skin tones and types. For seamless application, apply one pump to a well-hydrated face after moisturizer or primer is fully absorbed, and use The One Perfecting Brush or a sponge to blend.

I definitely agree with the claim that this foundation is full coverage. You don’t need much product at all to cover up your past, present and future with this stuff. The first day I used it, I definitely used too much and looked a little cakey. Also, they say to use a brush or sponge to apply it, but I found that using my fingers worked best for me. Not to say that it looked bad with a sponge or anything, but it looked super perfect when I applied it with my fingers. Also, when I applied it that way, I needed even less product.

As I told you guys, the shade I picked up is too dark for me, so I had to mix it to lighten it up a little, which definitely isn’t something I’m used to doing. Typically, foundations are too light for me. Anyway, I mixed it with both hydrating foundations and more matte foundations I have and found that it didn’t impact the coverage or formula of the foundation in a negative way at all. The only thing I noticed was, as I said before, if I used too much, I looked a little cakey.




Here are all of the looks I posted last week of me using the foundation. As you can see, you can tell that I used a little too much on Thursday because I’m looking a little dry and textured in the face. I always set my face, but with this foundation you have to tread lightly doing so or you’re gonna look a little textured if you have dry skin like I do.

So, the big question is, would I recommend this foundation, right? Well, I think that if you’re a fan of a more full coverage look, you should definitely GET IT. I’m typically a medium coverage girl, but I enjoyed the look this foundation gave once I found the application method that worked best for me. It is full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin and lasts FOREVER on the skin. If I had to name a con, it would be that it takes a while to set on the skin and transfers. Otherwise, I think that this is a solid foundation.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this foundation and what your thoughts on it are.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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