Out With the Old: Decluttering 102


Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! Back in October, I did a post with some of my decluttering tips and tricks that I find useful. Since there are some new faces in the place, I figured we could revisit those tips, and I’ll show you how my recent lipstick declutter went. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your collection by removing some things but aren’t sure where to start, just keep on reading. 

In my original decluttering post that you can check out HERE in case you missed it, I focused on the importance of decluttering and that sort of thing. The biggest reason to declutter is because makeup expires. If you’ve had something in your collection for a while that you aren’t using or didn’t enjoy, it’s better to either return it if you still have time or give it to someone else that will get use out of it.

Here’s the full list of tips and tricks from my initial post:

Tip #1: Work in sections

No matter how big or small your makeup collection is, breaking it up into groups will make decluttering so much less overwhelming. You can organize your groups by product (i.e.: foundations, blushes, etc.), or even by brand if you like. For me, I like to break things up by product. It helps me focus on what I’m using, didn’t love, and all that other jazz.

Tip #2: Take it slow

Listen. No one says you have to purge your collection all at once. Take your time and really look at the items you have. If placing a deadline on yourself works for you, then by all means, race against the clock. I’ve found that by taking my time and really looking at and swatching things, I’m able to truly know what can stay and what can go.

Tip #3: Be firm with yourself

If anyone knows how hard it is to let go of products, it’s me. However, in order to make room for all of the new pretty things, and to maximize on your storage space, you have to make the tough choices and stick to it. Think of it this way: By decluttering your makeup, you’ve got the opportunity to give those beauties that either didn’t work for you or aren’t getting use the chance to bring joy to someone else (as long as the products aren’t expired, of course).

Tip #4: Find someone to donate the items to

If the items you’re decluttering aren’t expired, or are able to be sanitized if you’ve used them, I highly recommend donating them. If there is a women’s shelter or organization in your area that accepts makeup products, drop your items off. If you have a friend or family member that you know would love the item that you’re not going to use, give it to them. I have a friend that I give products I decluttered to all the time, and the smile on her face is priceless. Sharing the makeup love will give you such a sense of joy, I promise.


This weekend, I finally broke down and did a lipstick/gloss/liquid lipstick declutter of sorts using the tips above. Here are some images of the process.


The first thing I did was empty all of my organizers drawer by drawer. Instead of overwhelming myself by trying to weed through the mountain of lippies, I decluttered each drawer as I got to it. This allowed me to focus on each section as its on entity. I was able to really examine each product and ask myself if I’m truly into it, or if I’m just keeping it for the sake of having it. I swatched each and every lippie in each drawer and smelled them to see if they had turned. Then, I separated them into three piles: Keep, Declutter and Trash.


Once I had gone through all of them, I grouped my lippies by color before putting them all away.  I did it this way instead of by finish/type as I’d previously had them organized. As I was grouping them by color, I found myself decluttering more once I realized I had similar colors by multiple brands. The formulas that really stood out to me, I kept, and decluttered the rest.


Here’s the finished product. I was able to take my collection down to one main organizer. Now, this doesn’t include lipsticks I’m still testing out or haven’t tried yet, since I house them separately. These are just the lippies in my main collection. As I try out the new ones, I’ll go through the same process.

I hope you guys find this post helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more decluttering posts as I go through my collection.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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