Dear Jackie Aina, Your Black Girl Magic is EVERYTHING!!


image via Instagram (@jackieaina)

Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! Sometimes, you have to just sit down and let someone that inspires you know that. Today, I’m taking a moment to do just that.

Dear Jackie,

You are the first woman that I found on YouTube that looks like me. I’ve saved so much coin on foundations watching your videos since our shades are pretty much the same, but it’s so much deeper than that for me. Seeing someone that looks like me and has had similar life experiences as me, it gave me a feeling I can’t really describe.


The video above that you posted last night is what inspired me to write this post. You said everything that I have been wanting to say recently that I haven’t been able to quite verbalize. You always do that, and it’s so appreciated by myself and others that understand the motivation behind it.

I really just wanted to take a moment and thank you for being such a strong voice for us. Thank you for showing me that, as a beauty blogger, speaking up is critical, regardless of how that may impact my subscriber base/count. Thank you for showing me that, as a Woman of Color, I can create my own space within the beauty industry and it’s my responsibility to make that space one of honesty, integrity and value for all who choose to enter into the space with me.


Jackie (and her boo Dennis) with her NAACP Image Award. image via Instagram

Congratulations on reaching two MILLION subscribers, as well as your NAACP Image Award. Your success is well deserved and motivates so many of us in the beauty community when the uphill battle seems to have no reward. Keep showing the world that Black Girl Magic, Jackie!!


Toni, The Regular Girl xoxo



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