YouTuber of the Week: Robin’s Cup of Tea


image via instagram: @robinscup

Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! It’s Monday, so it’s time to feature a new YouTuber of the Week. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite cat lady, Robin, with you guys. 


I briefly mentioned Robin in my Favorite YouTubers of 2017 post  that you can check out HERE in case you missed it, but I’ve never featured her on the blog. I figured I’d remedy that today and let y’all know why I think she’s so awesome.

I started watching Robin’s videos early last year and was pretty much hooked from the very beginning. I love that Robin features a great balance of both drugstore and high end products regularly. It makes her monthly favorites videos well-rounded, and I appreciate that. I’m not always looking to see a ton of high end makeup, so I appreciate the versatility for sure.

Y’all know I love me a sassy beauty vlogger, and Robin is definitely that, but in a lowkey way, if that makes sense. She curses, but not Andrew Dice Clay levels. If you don’t get that reference, I clearly just aged myself. Either way, I love that she interacts with her viewers in a way that’s authentic to who she is. She’s not trying to me whomever the trends say she should be.

If you’re looking for someone on The Tube that will make you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend, I definitely recommend Robin’s channel to you. Leave her a comment and tell Tut, her superstar cat, hello.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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