Let’s Talk About It: WTF, Tarte?!

Hey there, Beauties! Welcome back to my little corner of the web!! I’m telling you now, this post is gonna get real ranty, real fast, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Typically, before I go in with these kinds of posts, I give a whole disclaimer. I’m not doing that today.

Okay so, if you’re a Tarte Cosmetics fan like I am, you were as giddy as a kid at Christmas when Tarte announced that they are releasing the Shape Tape Foundation. While I’m not the biggest fan of the concealer, I was super stoked to try out the foundation since they’re coming out with two different versions, a matte and a hydrating. I was fully prepared to pick up one of each so that I could review them for you guys. Plus, as I said, I’m a huge Tarte fan, so I was into it entirely….until I saw swatches of the shade range.


Y’all, what in the whole hell is going on here?! Let’s really take a look at this shade range for a second. There are three, MAYBE four, shades for deeper skin tones. Why, in 2018, is this even still a thing?! If Fenty Beauty could come out with 40 foundation shades with their initial launch, why couldn’t a brand like Tarte that’s been around for a hot minute?!

Continuing with my analysis of the shade range, let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. The lightest shade isn’t going to work for the most fair makeup lovers either, so what the whole hell? Why is there a need for 4982720404837262 medium foundation shades with the most fair and the most deep of skin tones being neglected?

I know I’ve spoken about this kind of thing numerous times here on the blog, and trust I will continue to do so until I see a change in the industry. If that means that no brand will ever want to work with me, so be it. I refuse to just sit around and not use my platform to address these real issues.

Why haven’t brands gotten the hint that People of Color want to give these brands our coins? Like I’ve said a million times before, these brands act like our dollars aren’t just as green as someone with less melanin in their skin. The only thing more frustrating than not being considered in the initial launch of base products is when they throw out a few deep shades a year after the foundation comes out, like it was an afterthought or something. What part of that is supposed to sit well with the consumer?!

Another thing that has my panties in a bunch about this whole thing is the pandering by people in the beauty community. Don’t act all concerned about this issue now because it’s the in thing to do, you know? So many Influencers that never give a sh*t about the crappy shade range of Tarte’s base products (because let’s be real, Tatre has NEVER had an inclusive shade range, with the exception of Shape Tape, and that’s a stretch), or any other brand’s for that matter. Now, all of a sudden, these Influencers care about these brands pushing out foundations with terrible shade ranges. Are there some that have always spoken up? For sure. However, most of the ones I see tweeting and such about it now have never said anything about this kind of thing until recently. To that I say, miss me with the fakery, sis.

As I said, I love Tarte. They make some of my holy grail products. But what I refuse to do is give them money for a foundation that most of my friends and readers won’t be able to get because the brand didn’t think to put out an inclusive shade range. So, until Tarte gets it together, I won’t be purchasing any base products from them. I refuse.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the whole Tarte Shape Tape Foundation’s shade range. Do you think it sucks, or is that not a big deal to you?

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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