Trends That Need to Stay in 2017


Hello and welcome back, Beauties! I hope you all had a great Christmas and got all of the things. Today, we’re gonna talk about some of the beauty trends from this year that definitely shouldn’t join us in 2018. 

2017 was full of amazing beauty trends, but there were also some duds that I just couldn’t get into.


Weird ass eyebrows have GOT to stay in 2017. I mean, who is really going out of the house like this? Furthermore, I’m sure it takes forever to achieve this look, and I don’t know about y’all, but I definitely don’t have time for that. My brows take enough time to do as it is.


Another thing I don’t want to see in 2018 is the drop face. You know what I mean, when Beauty Influencers and Content Creators take highlighter drops or any makeup product in dropper form and make the fake tears or whatever all over their face. I hate that mess, you guys. It looks ridiculous. Just stop it.


Rainbow highlighters. Why was this even a thing? They’re totally not wearable every day, and you rarely find one that will put the rainbow on your face the way it appears in the pan. It’s just a mess, and needs to end.

In conjunction with the rainbow highlighters, let’s leave the unicorn stuff in 2017 as well. From the brushes to the makeup, it all has to go.

Ombre lipsticks have to go simply because they are impossible to use. Just get a lip liner and a lipstick and make it work, y’all.


Extreme baking is another thing that has to go. I’m not huge on baking as it is, but I definitely have a time or two, so I’m not slandering the concept. What I am taking shots at is when I see people using half a container of powder under their eyes. It dries out your under eye and looks crusty. I’m just telling you what other people won’t. Leave that in 2017. You don’t need all of that powder no matter how wrinkly or dark your under eyes are, I promise you.


The Silisponge and all of its descendants. Leave them alone to rest in 2017.

There are a ton of other trends from this year that I’m hoping STAY in 2017. Let me know in the comments below what trends you’re hoping aren’t a thing next year.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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