My Favorite YouTubers in 2017


Hello and Happy Monday, Beauties! This week, instead of featuring one YouTuber I’ve been enjoying lately, I’m going to share with you all of my favorites from the entire year. 

Most of the names you’ll see in today’s post are ones I’ve mentioned throughout our time together here at The Regular Girl Reviews, but a couple haven’t been featured yet. Either way, these are the YouTubers that I couldn’t get enough of this year and definitely recommend you subscribe to if you haven’t already. I’m gonna try to keep this post as short as possible, but you guys know I love to ramble, so I’m not making any promises lol.


Georgia Harris is just awesome. Her content is original and her personality is dope. I don’t think I’ve featured her as a YouTuber of the Week yet, but I’m certain I’ve mentioned her on the blog before, and for good reason.


You guys know that I adore livloveshermakeup. She’s definitely one of my most recommended YouTubers. She’s been featured here as a YouTuber of the Week, so you guys already know why I think she’s so awesome.


Another favorite this year that has been featured here on the blog is makeupstruggles. She’s out of control and I live for it.


Robin’s Cup of Tea hasn’t been featured yet here, but know that she’s freaking awesome. She talks about mostly drugstore makeup, but also hits on a few more high end products. She’s a lipstick junkie like I am, which is what first drew me to her channel. Her sense of humor and outlook on products is what has kept me watching, and I definitely recommend you guys check her channel out.


RawBeautyKristi is pretty much everything. I’ve featured here on the blog before, so I won’t go on and on about how awesome she is. Just know she’s definitely my friend in my head and I love watching her videos.

There are so many other channels that I love, but these are the ones that I will stop what I’m doing to check out when I get the notification that they’ve uploaded. I can’t wait to see what content they create in the new year!

What YouTubers knocked your socks off this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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