My Favorite Things: Brands I Loved in 2017

Hey there, Beauties! I tried so many makeup brands this year, but there were definitely some standouts. Let’s talk about the brands that I loved the most this year. 

I’ve tried products from a ton of different brands over the course of 2017, but there were definitely a few that I purchased from religiously and recommended a lot when asked about them.

2017 was the first year that I got into Colourpop, and I’m so glad I did. Their pressed shadows are everything I’m here for, and I love their lip glosses as well. I definitely want to try more from the brand in 2018.

As I was going through my collection in preparation for my end of year posts, I realized that so many of my favorite products from this year, and in my collection period, are from Tarte. I’ve been purchasing from the brand since last year, and can honestly say that there aren’t too many products from this brand that I’ve tried that I haven’t liked.

Urban Decay is another brand that I loved this year and looked forward to their new releases. There’s only one product that they have that I’ve tried and didn’t like, and that’s their liquid lipsticks. Otherwise, everything I’ve used from the brand I’ve enjoyed and recommended to friends.

It’s no surprise to anyone that’s been reading the blog or following me on social media that Becca Cosmetics is one of the brands I rocked with the hardest this year. I LOVE Becca Cosmetics’ highlighters the most, as you guys know, but their face products are awesome too. I hope they come out with more eyeshadow palettes in 2018, because I’d love to see them expand the brand by adding more eye palettes to the collection.

I enjoyed a ton of brands this year, but these are the ones that I purchased from the most and will continue to support in the new year. What were your favorite brands this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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