Let’s Talk About It: PR Unboxing Videos


Hey there, Beauties!! I’ve had this post cooking in my mind for a good while now, so I figured today’s as good a day as any to let my opinions fly about a type of video I’m over seeing in my subscription feed on The Tube. 

Let me preface this semi-rant by saying that I have no qualms with people getting PR from brands. In this digital age we live in, it’s super smart for companies to send Influencers and Content Creators products in PR to get exposure for their products. Hell, I would love to be getting PR packages myself, so I’m not taking issue with that in this post. Just so we are all clear on that point before we dive into this. I know that we talked about a PR-related topic last week, so don’t be mad at me. These are two topics I’ve seen so much commentary on recently that I had to speak my piece on it.

If you watch any of the bigger beauty YouTubers like I do, I’m willing to be good money that you’ve seen at least one PR unboxing. If you don’t really watch a lot of YouTube, I’ll break them down for you real quick. In these videos, Beauty Influencers sit in their rooms and show the mountains of products they’ve received from various brands. That’s pretty much it. Some will put a dollar amount, such as ‘$5000 of Free Makeup:PR Unboxing’ as the title of the video, which just irks my soul. Most, however, preface this videos by saying they’re showing us what they got in PR to let us know what products are launching soon or have recently launched. Then, they’ll hit you with the ‘let me know in the comments what you guys want to see reviews on in the comments below’ line.

Here’s my issue with PR unboxing videos. I find that SOME people that do these come across almost braggy in a way. And knowing that they’re trying so hard not to come off that way, makes it more disingenuous if that makes sense. Putting the dollar amount in the title is what really gives me those vibes. Like, seriously? You’re going to let us know how much monetary value the FREE makeup you just got sent has, and you expect that to be received well? I just don’t understand how any of that works. How can the individuals that format their PR hauls this way not see how completely weird that is? For me, it matters what brands they received so I know what I should be considering for review, not how much money they saved by getting the products for free. That’s just me though. *insert shrug emoji here*

Also, is it just me, or do SOME PR unboxing videos give that sponsored content vibe? You know the vibe I’m talking about, when the video feels like a commercial disguised as a haul. That really grinds my gears because it makes me feel like I am being deceived. Is this just a way that these Influencers are trying to get their coins without disclosure? I’m not saying that this is what’s happening by any means. This is just my conspiracy theory/opinion based on what I’m seeing. Take that with a grain of salt, y’all.

I get that Content Creators on the larger end of the spectrum receive so much stuff that it’s impossible for them to review and highlight every single product. I mean, they only have one face and a certain number of hours in the day to film, so I get how the PR unboxing /haul video situation helps them display the items they’ve purchased without doing a dedicated video to each and every item. However, the presentation of these PR unboxing videos definitely needs to be revamped, in my humble opinion.

How do you guys feel about PR Unboxing vidoes? Are you into them, or can you do without them? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, Beauties! xoxo


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