Get It or Forget It: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation


Greetings and salutations, Beauties!! After testing this foundation out for a while, I’m ready to give you guys my review of the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation. 

If you saw my November Favorites post yesterday, you already know how I feel about this product. In case you missed it, you’ll see when we get into the review (see what I did there?).


The No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (I wear shade 15 Dark, fyi) claims to provide all day wear while feeling lightweight and breathable on the skin for up to 24 hours. Side Note: I need to know what people are legit wearing their foundation for 24 hours. I have legit questions about that. Anywho, the Stay Perfect has SPF 15 in it, which is awesome when you’re like me and always forget to put on SPF in the colder months. Here is the full description of the foundation from the Target website:

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation is life-proof with super-staying power, uniquely matched to your skin tone. This comfortable foundation feels lightweight and breathable, and gives an even-toned, beautifully smooth complexion that looks and feels fresh all day long. It can be relied upon to stay perfect; weather-proof and transfer-proof, it won’t cake or flake on dry skin, nor slide or shine on oily skin. Up to 24 hours wear for non stop complexion perfection! SPF 15. Hypo-allergenic. SOURCE

During testing, I applied it over a couple of different primers just to see how it works with them. I also alternated between my Ulta beauty sponge and a Moda foundation brush to apply it to the face. I found that the foundation performed the same over various primers, and the coverage was great with a brush AND a beauty sponge. I did find that I needed to use a little bit more when I used my sponge, but that’s typical since a beauty sponge is gonna soak up some of the product regardless of the foundation you’re using. I will say that it takes a hot minute to dry down, so you definitely want to set it with a powder before adding your other powdered products.

This foundation gives medium coverage, but it can definitely be built up to almost full coverage if you do it right. I personally like medium to medium-full coverage, so it was perfect for me. The finish is more like a satin matte, so it’s not suck the life out of your face matte and it isn’t makes you feel greasy dewy. My skin looked healthy and fresh after application for sure without looking like I had on a mask.

I wore it every day for almost two weeks and didn’t experience any breakouts or skin irritation, which is always a fear of mine since foundation used to give me the itchy face. Here lately, it hasn’t been happening though, which is always a plus. I found that my foundation didn’t break up or fade during the day. My face looked the same as it did upon initial application.

Here’s a look I did last week wearing the foundation:


So, in case you didn’t pick up on it by now, I definitely think that, if you can find this foundation at your local Target or drugstore, you should definitely GET IT. You guys, it rivals some higher end foundations I’ve tried for sure. For $15.99, you’re getting an amazing foundation that will last all day regardless of your skin type. I’m definitely here for it.

Have any of you tried this foundation before? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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