Makeup I Love, But Never Use

Hello and Welcome Back, Beauties! We’ve talked about the products I’ll always repurchase, and that got me to thinking about the makeup I love that I don’t show enough love to. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. 

I acquire a lot of makeup. Like, a lot a lot. Because of that, I find myself forgetting about favorite items while I’m playing with the new products to my collection. It’s a vicious cycle, y’all. Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s get into it!


When I first got the limited-edition Tarte Maneater eyeshadow palette, I legit used it every single day. It has that signature Tarte vanilla slash hot chocolate smell that most of their palettes do and it fits perfectly in my makeup bag when I actually remember to use it. This palette is just awesome, and I do still really like it. I just have too many other palettes that I enjoy or am testing, so this one gets neglected.


You guys, I know. I know how blasphemous it is to say that I never use my Modern Renaissance palette, but it’s true. My neglect doesn’t come from a place of displeasure with the palette or anything like that. I just simply never reach for it. When I’m pulling palettes for my every day makeup situation, I always open this one and then put it back. WTF, right?! I’m going to make a point of it to add this to the rotation once I finish testing these other palettes I’m working with currently.

Mineral-Blush-shades (1)

You guys know how hard I stan for Becca Cosmetics. I talk about them in almost every post, which, admittedly, is a little obsessive. Don’t judge me. I just know what I like. Anyway, I have quite a few of the Becca blushes across both the Mineralized and Luminous formulas, but I haven’t reached for them in ages. I would never declutter them though. Like, seriously, never ever, so don’t ask.


I’ve had my tub of Coty Airspun for at least a year now, but I hardly ever reach for it. It’s an amazing, inexpensive face powder that I totally recommend to anyone looking for a great powder at a great price. I don’t reach for it because it’s hella messy and….well, the smell of it. It smells like a fancy granny’s perfume. Although that was something I knew before I bought it, I just can’t take it.

Those are a few of the products in my collection that I love, but never use. What are some of your loved dust collectors in your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, Beauties! xoxo


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