Let’s Talk About It: My Goals for the Blog


Hello there, Beauties! In today’s Let’s Talk About It, I’m going to share with you my goals for the blog as I have been asked this more than once in the past few weeks. 

Okay so, everyone goes into blogging, or any venture for that matter, for varying reasons. Some people are in it just for the coins, while others are in it for the love of it all. That’s why I don’t find the questions about my personal goals and plans for the blog to be intrusive or anything. I totally get it. People that choose to support you want to know what your end game is, and what’s your motivation to create. Since I’ve been asked this enough times in the past few weeks, I figured I would take a moment of transparency and share my goals with you guys.

Everyone that creates content, whether it be written or via video, wants to create something memorable for their viewers/readers. Some people do it by using click baity titles and content just to boost their stats and visibility (we’re gonna get into that in a future post, believe that!). Other people create content to fit into a mold of what is seemingly popular in an effort to be seen. For me personally, I create the content that I want to see mixed with what I know is what others are interested in. That’s why I always ask you guys on Instagram and Facebook what you guys want to see as far as specific product reviews and content in general.

I created this blog, as I’ve said before, so that myself and others like me that aren’t makeup experts but love all things beauty have a space to talk about beauty without that sense of intimidation that can be felt sometimes when you’re watching Beauty Gurus. That’s always been my main objective with the blog, and that hasn’t, and will never, change. I want to give you guys honest, clearly worded reviews and commentary that is easy to relate to as well as informative. That’s why I named the blog ‘The Regular Girl Reviews’, because I’m just a regular working mother that loves makeup and wants to discuss it with other like-minded beauty lovers.

Another goal of mine is to create a sense of friendship with my readers. It’s so important to me that you guys feel like we’re just sitting around having a conversation when you’re reading the posts you find here. That connection and creation of a relationship is so important to me. Establishing a relationship with you guys is far more important to me than creating relationships with brands. Of course I want to work with brands at some point, but that’s not my focal point at all. That’s not my ‘why’ when it comes to doing this, you know? I write these posts every day because I genuinely love it. I love talking to you guys this way and the conversations we have in the comments here and on my socials. You guys are awesome.

I think the most important goal for myself in respect to the blog is to make something that is bigger than myself. I’ve told you guys before that I felt like there aren’t enough Women and Men of Color that are represented in the beauty community. Sure, there are a few popular vloggers here and there, but as a whole, the melanated members of the community are underrepresented and grossly neglected. I want to be a voice for us. I want to create a space that makes brands remember that we’re here and we purchase just like those on the more fair end of the spectrum.

As you can see, none of my goals for the blog involve money. Would I love to be in the position to earn money from this? Of course! I would be a stone cold liar if I said the opposite. However, money isn’t my motivation for doing this. That’s the difference between myself and some individuals that are just in it for the coins. I have a regular, square job that I enjoy and I’m good with that. The additional income I could potentially earn from this is great to think about, but I’m not focused on it. I’m focused on creating great content. That’s it.

Okay, Beauties. Sorry for the long rambly nature of this post. I just had to share that with you guys. Let me know in the comments if you guys have any other questions or anything for me about this, and I’ll happily answer.

Until next time! xoxo


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