YouTuber of the Week: Nichole Fischer


Hello and Happy Monday, Beauties! This week’s YouTuber is one that I’ve recently discovered and instantly fell in love with. 

Nichole Fisher reminds me of some of the girls I went to high school with. She’s energetic, sassy and entertaining. All of those things, as you guys know, are important qualifications for the YouTubers I choose to subscribe to.

Another key factor for me is the content they create. What I love about Nichole’s is that she doesn’t create your cookie cutter videos. Sure, she does reviews and such, but her presentation of these things is unique on YouTube. She has a series where she reviews her Boxycharm boxes in  a couple of different ways. First, she’ll go over her thoughts on what she got while including the comments other BC subscribers have made on the items. Then, she comes back once a quarter and reviews the BC boxes of said quarter collectively. I love that because it really puts them all into perspective for me and makes me think about what I used and what I totally disregarded that I paid my $21 for.

Between her F*ck, Marry, Kill makeup videos to her engaging delivery, and everything in between, Nichole has quickly become a must watch for me whenever I see her videos in my subscription feed. She’s not your typical Beauty Guru, and I’m totally into that. What’s even better about that is that SHE’S into not fitting the mold of what we’re used to. She tells you in all of her videos to come back for more crazy and unique content, and she hasn’t disappointed me yet.

She talks about higher end products AND drugstore/affordable makeup, which is sometimes hard to find in content creators. She never makes me feel like she’s trying to get in my wallet, you know? She’s just a regular girl like me talking TO regular girls like me, and I’m here for it.

If you haven’t already, go show Nichole some love and tell her Toni sent you! Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo


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