#TBT: Revlon Colour Riche Zoe’s Red Lipstick


Hello and Happy Friday Eve, Beauties! Today’s throwback product is one that I have a sentimental attachment to. I will neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have gotten a little emotional writing this.


image via walmart.com

A few years ago, Revlon came out with their Colour Riche Collection Exclusive lipsticks. There was a pink range and a red range, with each lipstick chosen by a female celebrity. My favorite was, and still is, Zoe’s Red (shown above). It’s the perfect deep red and lasts for a long time on the lips. You can still find these at the drugstore, so I’d recommend them to you guys for sure.

Anyway, this is why this item is so sentimental to me. When this lipstick first came out, I got it and wore it to work. My mother, who literally wore a red lip pretty much every day of her life that I remember, fell in love with it when she saw it and asked me what color it was. I told her and she went to the CVS right by my job (I worked at a trade school at this time and my mother was a student there) and bought a tube for herself.

For the first time in my life, my mother and I had bonded over a makeup item. It was so great to have this simple thing in common with her. Every time one of us wore it, the other would immediately recognize it and smile.

When my mom passed away in April of 2016, I was right there holding her hand at the hospital. Well, after the struggle with the hospital over her belongings (I’ll tell you guys that full story one day. Let’s just say I almost caused a full blown scene.), I went home and looked through her tote and purse to make sure all of her identification and stuff was there. As I was going through her purse, I found her tube of Zoe’s Red, along with a few of her other makeup products. I sat on my bedroom floor and sobbed with the most weird sense of comfort. It’s hard to describe in a way that would make sense.

I still have her tube of Zoe’s Red in my bathroom drawer. I don’t wear it at all anymore, but will never throw her tube or mine away. It makes me feel like she’s still around. Occasionally, I’ll go in my bathroom drawer for a hairtie or bobby pin and the lipstick will peek out from the back of the drawer. When this happens, I smile and say hi to my mom, because, in my mind, that’s her way of reminding me that she’s watching over me.

So, have you guys tried this lippie or any of the other Collection Exclusive lipsticks?

Thank you for letting me ramble today, Beauties. Until next time!! xoxo

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