YouTuber of the Week: Samantha Jane


image via Instagram (@samanthajaneyt

Happy Monday, Beauties!! On Mondays, as you know by now, I highlight one of my favorite YouTubers that I think you’ll love as well. This week, we’ll be heading up north to Canada to check out Samantha Jane.

Samantha Jane is such a pleasure to watch on The Tube. Unlike some of the others I’ve featured, she’s super lowkey and calm. However, she does do some fantastic and informative reviews that I always look forward to watching. Some of my favorite reviews of hers to watch are her foundation reviews. As someone with oily skin, her Oily Skin Diaries are a must see if you’re looking for information about the latest foundations and how they’re going to perform on you.

Samantha also does plenty of hauls on her channel, which you know I’m into, and all kinds of other great content. Her channel has everything from monthly makeup drawers, where she goes through her collection and picks out makeup for the whole month, to entire brand reviews where she goes over all of the latest releases from a single brand and lets us know what’s hot and what’s not.

As a whole, Samantha’s channel is well-rounded and informative, something I think we all can agree tends to be missing from The Tube these days. She is definitely Regular Girl Approved, so go check her out and subscribe to her channel!

Until next time, Beauties! xoxo

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