Brands I’d Love to Collab With


Welcome back, Beauties! As makeup lovers, we all have sat and wondered what it would be like to work with our favorite brand on something. So today, I figured I’d share with you my list of brands I would love to work with and what I’d put out with them, given the opportunity. 

I love makeup, as you guys know, so collaborating with a brand on my dream product is a dream of mine that I hope to bring to fruition one day. Can you imagine the satisfaction of seeing something that you put your blood, sweat and tears into on the shelves for others to love? I’m sure it’s a joy that is indescribable. Here are a few brands that I would love to work with and what product I would release with them.


I mean, duh. You guys know how much I stan for Becca Cosmetics, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that I would love to do a collaboration with them. Since their highlighters are my fave, that’s what I would love to create with them. In my mind, it would be a split pan highlighter with one gold shade and one pink shade that works perfectly on deeper skin. Becca already does a great job of accommodating all shades of the rainbow with their highlighters, but I would love to create the perfect pinky-gold highlighter for deeper skin. Oh, and I’d love to make a bronzing and highlighting palette with them as well. That would be super dope.


Real Techniques makes some of my all-time favorite makeup brushes, so I would LOVE to come out with a line of brushes with them. They would all be pink, of course, and would come in a cute bag. In the set, there would be three face brushes (blush, powder and foundation) and three eye brushes (packing, crease, blending). The best part for me would be going into my favorite drugstores and seeing people just getting into makeup checking out my brushes.


I love a good lippie, as you guys know, and Maybelline makes my all-time favorite drugstore lipstick formula. It goes without saying that it would be a dream come true to come out with a collection of lipsticks with them. Ideally, the collection would be ten lipsticks in nude shades that work perfectly for the deeper end of the spectrum, because I don’t see that much from Maybelline, or any other brand if I’m being honest, unless they’re Black-owned. To see men and women of color in the aisles swatching my lipstick and finding THEIR perfect nude that doesn’t need a lip liner would be one of the happiest moments ever for me.


The final brand that immediately comes to mind when I’m thinking of who I would love to collab with is Colourpop. They make some of my favorite pressed eyeshadows, so to design a twelve pan palette with them would be awesome. The palette would have the perfect balance of shimmers and mattes in warm shades. It wouldn’t be another Yes, Please palette by any means as far as colors, but definitely something warm and cozy. I’d also love to help them come out with a foundation range that fits ALL the colors of the rainbow, and a setting powder to match.

That’s my dream collab list. Leave a comment down below telling me what brands you would love to work with.

Until next time, Beauties!! xoxo

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