Haul Review Roundup #1


Hello and welcome back, Beauties!! Today’s Review Roundup is centered around a recent haul that I posted. Some of these items I’ve already reviewed for you, some I haven’t. Either way, we’re gonna get into all of it. 


About two weeks ago, I posted a blog about my recent haul (click HERE to see the deets on the haul I’m talking about) at a couple different places. In that post, I told you guys that I’d come back and give my thoughts on everything after I had some time to try them out. Well, Beauties, that day is today! Now, some of these products I’ve already done dedicated reviews on, so I will provide links to those posts so you can get my full thoughts in more detail.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the Haul Review Roundup.


I got the ABH Prism palette in this haul, and truly enjoyed it. You can read my review HERE for more product details. As you’ll read in the full review, this palette performs in a way reminiscent of the Modern Renaissance. Now, since that review, I have noticed that the shade Sphinx, one of my favorites, has gotten some slight hard pan. Because of that, it’s a little difficult to get the product out. I’m sure I can fix it. Either way, I still love the shade and the palette as a whole, and stand by my recommendation of it to you. This is definitely Regular Girl Approved.


Another ABH product that I picked up in that haul was the ABH Sun Dipped Glow Kit. This is my first experience with the Glow Kits, so I was super excited to give it a go. The colors of the highlighters are totally me. If you were to take a look at my highlighter collection, you’d see that it’s basically varying shades of gold. That being said, I don’t know how I feel about this one. I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it. I find the highlighters to be a tad bit more glittery than what I’m used to. I can’t necessarily recommend it for that reason. However, if you’re someone that doesn’t mind some glitter in your highlighter, then you’ll really enjoy this Glow Kit. I’ll keep playing with it and get back to you guys if my thoughts change.


image via popsugar.com

The final ABH product I hauled was their Mini Liquid Lipstick Set. You guys know that I love the ABH glosses, but I hadn’t tried the liquid lipsticks prior to this. Y’all, I don’t get the hype around these AT ALL. These are some of the most drying liquid lipsticks that I have ever used in my whole life. I find them to be very uncomfortable, and feel like the accentuate every line and crevice of my lips. I just can’t with these at all. Maybe if I wear them with a gloss I’ll enjoy them more, but I’m not always in the mood for that extra step. These are definitely a no for me.


Moving on from ABH, I also got some makeup brushes in that haul, not that that’s a surprise to anyone. I picked up the Real Techniques InstaPop line, which consists of a pair of eye brushes, a blush brush, and a face brush. I also got the Moda Rose 4pc Face Perfecting Kit, a set of four round brushes. I did reviews on each of these lines. Read about the InstaPop brushes HERE and the Moda brushes HERE for all the deets. I completely recommend either of these brush lines to you guys, because they’re all awesome in their individual ways. They’re for sure Regular Girl Approved.


image via Musings of a Muse

I know, y’all, I know. For all of the shade I’ve thrown Too Faced, I should be ashamed of myself for buying the Matte Chocolate Chip palette, but I have a good reason, I swear. I got it because I decluttered my Semi-Sweet palette and wanted to give the brand another shot before I totally write them off. I actually liked this little palette, y’all. It’s blendable, pigmented, and smells like hot chocolate.  It’s a great companion to my all shimmer palettes, as well as my single shadows. It fits perfectly in my makeup bag, which means I don’t always have to carry around my bigger palettes when I have to do my makeup at work, which is almost every day because sleep will always come before putting makeup on in the morning. So, all I can really say is that this is, surprisingly, Regular Girl Approved.

Those are all of the products I’ve tested thus far from my haul before last. Let me know if you guys enjoy these kind of haul recaps so I can keep posting them if so.

Until next time, Beauties! xoxo


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