Review Roundup: LipSense, Let’s Kiss and Makeup & Bite Beauty


Welcome back, Beauties! I’ve been trying out so many lip products lately (not that that’s a surprise lol) that I figured I would put my thoughts on all of them in one big review. Be Advised: This post is kinda long, so grab a snack and get comfortable.

We all know how much I love a good lip product, so it should come as no surprise that I have a ton of lippies that I’m testing on a regular basis. Some of the ones I’ll be talking about today were sent to me for review, and some I purchased myself. This post is not sponsored in any way, just so we’re clear. I was asked to give me honest opinion about the items sent to me, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the reviews!!


Let’s talk about the products that I was sent first. Kylie Call reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in trying out a liquid lipstick from the brand LipSense. I’d heard a variety of different things about them on The Socials and YouTube, so said I’d give them a try.


Kylie sent me the shade Glam Doll, along with the moisturizing gloss and lipstick remover. For me, I found the application process to be a little much. On the packaging for the lipstick, they tell you to shake well, then apply three layers of the lipstick, letting each layer dry for 3-5 seconds in between application. Also, you are instructed to apply the lipstick from the outside corner of the mouth inward. Okay so, after you do all of that, you’re supposed to apply the gloss on top. To take it all off at night, you’re instructed to use the remover.

Now that we’ve gone over the logistics, I’ll give you my opinion. For me, as someone that typically does their makeup in a rush, this product is a lot of work. While I love the color, I found that it didn’t translate that way onto my lips. As you can see in the swatch, the lip color is pretty streaky and inconsistent, as well as super thin. I definitely didn’t get the color payoff I was hoping for. The product definitely lasts forever like they say it will. So long, in fact, that it’s difficult to remove. Even if you use the remover they give you, it’s a struggle getting it off. Plus, the actual lipstick had a weird smell that turned me off.

As a whole, I don’t think this product was for me. It just doesn’t give me some of the things I look for in a liquid lipstick. If you’re interested in giving them a try, you can reach Kylie by searching ‘Loveable Lips By Kylie’ on Facebook.

Up next are the lippies that were sent to me by Alicia of Let’s Kiss and Makeup natural lip products.


Alicia sent me three shades of their lippies, swatched above, and I must say that I was into them before even trying them. The colors immediately spoke to me, as I am a HUGE fan of a red lip. I typically wear a matte red, so Samara really spoke to me. I had seen Rayne, the Motion Reactive shade in the center, online and immediately knew it was one I’d have to try. It gives the prettiest shift in color as the light hits it at different angles. Purple Rain is a gorgeous metallic, deep purple shade.

All three of these colors are safe for the face and eyes as well, which is an added bonus. Although they don’t dry down, they last a really long time on the lips and don’t create that weird white line of gunk on the lips as they wear away.

The Let’s Kiss and Makeup lippies that I tried are definitely Regular Girl Approved. I plan on getting more of these for sure. If you’re interested in purchasing some yourself, you can contact Alicia on Instagram and Facebook.


The final lip products I want to talk about with you guys today are from Bite Beauty. As I told you guys the other day, I picked up these two sets (ignore the Lorac shadow in the corner. Editing woes lol) at TJ Maxx. I haven’t used every single lip product in here yet, but have a good idea of the formulas for the ones I used.


image via

In the Bite Discovery Kit, I finally got the Agave Lip Mask to try. This was the item I was the most skeptical about if I’m being a thousand percent real with y’all. It’s so hyped up online that I just knew there was no way it could really be THAT good. You guys, it really is THAT GOOD!! I use it at night, and I swear my lips are super hydrated and soft when I wake up in the morning. This is most definitely Regular Girl Approved, especially if you suffer from dry lips like I do.


The Matte Creme Lip Crayon┬áset was the other item I picked up at TJ Maxx that I was super excited to try. It came with four minis, which is perfect for me as I’m not typically into lip pencils or crayons. These smell amazing and glide on without tugging or pulling on the lips.

I wore the third shade shown, Coulis, yesterday and it wore nicely. The other colors you get are: Torte (pinky nude), Cafe (peachy nude) and Aubergine (deep burgandy). These don’t last all day, but are so quick and easy to apply that touching up didn’t take forever or mess anything up. Although they don’t last all day, they do last for a longtime and wear off pretty nicely. The pigmentation is great, and they go on true to the color you see when you open it.

As I’m sure you guessed by now, these Bite Beauty lip crayons are definitely Regular Girl Approved. If you can find the set at your local TJ Maxx, I definitely recommend you snatch it up. It was $14.99 there, but would cost you $24.00 if you got it at Sephora, where Bite Beauty is sold. You can’t beat that deal.

If you hung in there until the end of this post, you’re the real MVP. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to try any of these products out, or if you already have them.

Until next time! xoxo

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