My Favorite Halloween ’17 Looks


Happy Halloween, beauties!! Since I’m not the best at regular makeup, I knew that doing Halloween looks was a little out of my scope. Because of that, I figured it’d be cool to share with you some of the Halloween looks I’ve seen on The Tube that I loved. 

Nicole Guerriero – Ursula the Sea Witch

The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, so as soon as I saw Nicole’s Ursula look in the thumbnail, I knew I was going to love the video.

RawBeautyKristi – Golden Glam Half Skull


Kristi did so many amazing Halloween looks that it was hard to not just make this entire post feature her videos. As I went back through them while prepping for this post, this one spoke to me. Maybe because of the gold. I don’t know. I just know it’s super pretty.

Jordan Hanz – Pop Art Wonder Woman

I LOVE Wonder Woman. Absolutely LOVE HER. I feel like Jordan brought the comic book version of Wonder Woman completely to life with this look. Look at those cheekbones tho!!

Nikkie Tutorials – Vampire Princess

This look Nikkie created is so amazing in its simplicity. Like, this looks like something that I could actually do, and I’m here for that. My favorite part of the look are the eyes.

PatrickStarr – Jessica Rabbit

Okie dokie, beauties. Those are my favorite Halloween ’17 looks. Let me know in the comments what looks you loved this year, and tag me on IG (@theregulargirlreviews) so I can see what looks you guys created!

Until next time, beauties! xoxo

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