Get It or Forget It?: Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette

Hello there, beauties!! Today, I’m (finally) bringing you my review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette. 


After the Subculture palette controversy, I admit I was hesitant about trying the Prism palette. I watched about a million reviews before I pulled the trigger and picked it up. I didn’t want to buy something that I knew I wouldn’t get use out of, you know?


Shades swatched from left to right: Sphere, Obsidian, Throne, Eden, Dimension

Turns out that I was worried for nothing, because the Prism palette is definitely awesome. The shadows perform just like the Modern Renaissance shadows do. If you’re familiar with that palette, you know that the shadows are a powdery, but super pigmented and blendable. The same can be said for the Prism palette, which contains seven mattes and five shimmer/duochrome shades and retails for $42. This palette is ABH’s holiday release, so it is ‘limited edition’….for now anyway lol.

ABH eyeshadows are notoriously powdery, much like the Lorac eyeshadows, so I expected that. While testing this palette, I made sure to do my eyes before my base on most days that I used it. I found that the fallout on the eyes wasn’t as bad with the mattes as it was with the shimmer shades. However, if I wet my brush before applying the shimmers, I didn’t experience as much fallout.

The color story of this palette is what initially drew me in, since I don’t own many shadows in some of these colors. Sphere, the neon shade in the palette, is definitely like nothing I have in my collection. It’s not as aggressive on the eyes as it is when swatched if you apply it with a super fluffy brush and go in with a light hand. Obsidian, the black shadow, isn’t the most dark black eyeshadow out there, and I like that actually. If a black shadow is TOO black, I find it hard to get it to lay where and how I want. With Obsidian, I can build it up to the degree of darkness I want, rather than ending up having to do extra work to fix it. Eternal and Throne are probably my favorite shimmer shades in the palette. They’re both so rich and apply like a dream. Now, if you want that wham bam punch, I definitely suggest either wetting your brush or applying them with a finger. For my every day situation, aka work, I find that I can get great payoff using the brush that came with the palette, or any other dense shadow brush.

So, should you get it or forget it? You totally should GET IT!! I think ABH really hit it out of the park with this one. If you love the Modern Renaissance formula and how they perform, you’ll enjoy the Prism palette as well. This palette is definitely Regular Girl Approved!!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve picked this one up yet and if you love it like I do. Tag me on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews) with your looks as well!

Until next time, beauties!! xoxo

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