Get It or Forget It?: Real Techniques Instapop Brushes


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Hello, my beauties!! I showed you guys last week that I hauled the new Real Techniques Instapop brushes, so I wanted to followup and let you know my thoughts on them now that I’ve had a little over a week to test them out.

We all know that I’m a bit of a brush hoarder since I hate washing brushes. That’s the excuse I give anyway. Regardless of my reasoning behind my obsession with brushes, as soon as I saw Emily Noel review these on YouTube, I knew I wanted to give them a go. Real Techniques makes some of my holy grail makeup brushes, so I was hopeful that the newest additions to their line would be just as good.

Before I give you guys my review, let’s check out each brush one by one.


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The first brush in the new line is the Instapop Face Brush, $10.99. According to the Ulta website, which is where I purchased the brushes, this one is ‘designed for full coverage setting, baking, and powder application’ and is perfect for loose powders. This brush is densely packed, but still flexible on the face. The tapered bristles make it easy to apply powder under the eyes and in all of the nooks and crannies of the face.


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The next brush in the collection is the Instapop Cheek Brush, $9.99. Just like the Face Brush, this one is densely packed with the same style of tapered bristles. This one is meant for applying blush, hence the name. The claim is that you’ll get intense color payoff with one sweep across the cheeks.


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The final brushes in the collection are the Instapop Eye Duo, $9.99. You can only purchase them as a pair as far as I know. You get a shader brush and a crease brush. They’re both shaped like the other brushes in the collection, and are also supposed to provide amazing color payoff. They’re meant for use with loose eyeshadows, but I don’t own any so I just used them with whatever palette I was using that day.

Now that I’ve shown you all of the brushes, let’s get into what I think of them. These brushes are really nice once you get the hang of them. By that I mean that there can be a slight learning curve with these. They’re SUPER dense, so they will grab a ton of product with one or two taps into the pan or whatever you’re using. The first time I used the Cheek Brush, I put way too much on the brush and had to redo my blush. If you decide to get these, I would definitely suggest going in with a light hand initially. You truly don’t need a lot of product with any of these brushes.

I would definitely recommend these brushes. They’re incredibly soft, so you don’t have to worry about them being all scratchy on your eyes or face, and they deposit product like a dream. The eye brushes, even with their density and shape, still blend out your shadows well. All in all, this line is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for some new brushes. Y’all know I always am lol.

Until next time, beauties!! xoxo


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