#TRGR Moda Rose Brush Set

Greetings and salutations, beauties!! Today, I’ll be reviewing a brush set from one of my favorite brands, Moda Brushes. 


So, as you saw in my haul post not too long ago, I recently picked up this gorgeous set of round brushes by Moda Brushes. Of course, since pink is my favorite color, I just had to have them. Plus, I’ve heard that their round brushes are pretty good dupes for the hella pricey Artis brushes that were uber popular last year. You’ll pay about $16 for this set of four brushes, which is a steal. They have another set called the Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit. They’re basically the exact same brushes, just in a different color.


image via walmart.com

According to the Moda website, here’s a description of each brush and what it’s meant for:

  • 801: Use this large brush for all over cream or liquid foundation application. Move the brush in one fluid movement over your face to apply and blend. 801: Use this large brush for all over cream or liquid foundation application. Move the brush in one fluid movement over your face to apply and blend.
  • 802: Ideal for blush or bronzer application for a stunning glow.
  • 803: Create a flawlessly blended contour under your cheekbones, along your jawline, or at the hairline.
  • 804: This small brush is perfect for precisely applying concealer, blending makeup under your eyes, or for contouring your nose or other small areas of the face.

The 801 is definitely a fantastic foundation brush. It helps you blend out your foundation so fast and seamlessly. I didn’t feel the need to go in with a beauty sponge afterwards to smooth things out because this brush had my back for sure.

Since I don’t use cream blush or bronzer, I gave the 802 a try at blending my foundation and it worked really well. I was able to get in those little crevices by my nose and in between my brows that are difficult at times when you’re using a bigger brush.

The 803 is meant for contouring, but I definitely use it for blending out concealer. The softness and density of these brushes just makes it so easy to blend out product quickly.

I did use the 804, which is meant for applying concealer, to get concealer and color corrector in the corners of my eyes where I have the most darkness.

You guys, I highly recommend these brushes. They’re dense enough to give you great coverage without eating up all of your product, all while being super soft and gentle on the face. If you’ve never tried Moda brushes, I definitely suggest you run over to your local Walmart and give them a go. I’ve tried other brushes by this line, and love them all.

Okie dokie, beauties, that’s it for my review on the Moda Rose 4pc Face Perfecting Kit.

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