Luxury Brands I Wanna Try


Change ‘friend’ to ‘my bank account’, and you’ll have my life in meme form.

Well hello there, beauties!

There’s high end, and then there’s luxury. You know, those brands that give you sticker shock when you hear how much their lipstick costs. Today, let’s get into some luxury brands I’m interested in trying. 

I’m far from cheap, but I definitely have my limits on what I’ll comfortably spend on makeup and skincare products. If I can’t justify the price, especially for a solitary item, I just don’t pull the trigger and continue to admire it from afar. Here are some of the luxury brands I’m the most interested in, but haven’t purchased.


Yves Saint Laurent, aka YSL

The packaging of the YSL lipsticks is just gorgeous. I’ve heard the formula is awesome as well. I’ve seen a bunch of other products by the line, but these call to me. I do own the YSL Black Opium perfume, and it’s my holy grail, but still want to try one of the lippies. However, these lovelies will run you $37 a piece….for a single lipstick. They’re so pretty tho.

Marc Jacobs


image via Pintrest

There are a couple different items I’ve been wanting to try by Marc Jacobs Beauty. I’ve heard great things about the eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and lip glosses are all bomb, and I’m definitely interested. The Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow palettes that contain seven shadows each are $49. The Le Marc Lip Creme Lipsticks are $30 each. The Enamored Hi-Shine lip glosses are $28 a gloss. Y’all, I want to try these so bad, but goodness gracious.

Sunday Riley

I’ve heard so many good things about Sunday Riley, especially the facial oils, that I definitely want to try the brand. I just can’t spend minimum $40 for the small bottles of a facial oil that I’m going to have to frequently repurchase.

Natasha Denona, specifically the Sunset Palette, $129


image via Beautylish

I want this. I want this palette super bad. Yes, I have other shadows in these shades, but I want THIS one. The packaging on the front of the palette is stunning, and I hear great things about the quality of the shadows. But, $129 for one palette? That’s just insanity to me personally.

Alright, beauties, there you have it. Those are the luxury brands I wanna try. Have you guys tried out anything from these brands? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time, my loves! xoxo




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