Get It or Forget It?: New & Upcoming Releases


Hey there, beauties!! With so many new products coming out just about every day, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of them.

I feel like I’ve already purchased so much makeup in the past few months that it’s hard to believe there’s still more being churned out. Some stuff I already know I want to purchase at some point, others not so much. A YouTuber I watch, Samantha March, does a Will I Buy It Series where she talks about new and upcoming releases and whether or not she will be purchasing them. This post was definitely inspired by that series, so go over to her channel and check her playlist out and tell her Toni sent you :).

Okay, now let’s get into it.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette, $55


image via

The packaging, y’all. I mean, YES. The actual configuration of the palette is weird, but I saw on Instagram that Urban Decay decided to lay this palette out in this fashion to mirror a painter’s palette.  It’s available now online and will be in stores on the 27th of October. I typically don’t got for palettes without mattes mixed in with the shimmers, but I totally think I’m going to Get It. The reviews I’ve seen this far have all been positive, so I’m here for this.

The Sephora Favorites Kits, pricing varies based on kit


Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Set, $68


Sephora Favorites Superstars Everyday Must Haves Set, $75

Guys, listen. You know I love lip products, so the Give Me More Lip set initially spoke to me in ways I can’t exactly verbalize without sounding crazy. And I can totally see the value in purchasing one of these sets. You get to try all kinds of shades and formulas from brands that may be out of your financial reach typically. That’s fine and good, y’all, and if these kits speak to you, I can’t say you’d be wasting your coins. But for me, I’m gonna have to forget it. When it comes to the lip set, I know I’ll never use half of those minis for one reason or another. As for the Superstars Everyday Must Haves set, I’ve either tried the product or the shade won’t work for my skintone, so it would just be a waste of money for me. Therefore, I’m going to have to Forget It.

Stila Star-Studded Eight Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set, $45


image via

This one is pretty simple for me, so I won’t beat around the bush. I’m going to have to Forget the Stila liquid lipstick set. The colors you get are pretty much my go-to shades, but I just hate the formula of these. They are super drying on my lips and flake off on me after a while. I just don’t like them.

The Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection, pricing varies by item


image via

The Gigi Hadid x Maybeline Collection recently came out, and my first thoughts were, ‘Ummm, what?;. The Jetsetter Face Palette is $29.99, you guys. TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE DOLLARS. For MAYBELLINE, y’all. They tried it. On top of the price turning me all the way off, the colors inside of the palette are definitely not going to work for me. Most of the products in the collection are existing Maybelline products marked up because Gigi’s name is attached to it. It’s definitely a Forget It collection for me.

The Morphe 35O2 Palette, $23


image via

I gotta admit, I’m on the fence about this one. I’ve never used Morphe shadows before, so I don’t own any of the coveted 35O palettes. I haven’t used any of their brushes either. I know, how can I call myself a beauty blogger and not have tried Morphe, right? LOL. Now that Morphe is available at Ulta online and in selected stores by the end of the month, I’m considering giving a few of their items a try. I know that this brand is full of controversy and drama, which has played a part in my not trying them out sooner. Another part of my hesitation was the whole Influencer code situation that we won’t discuss right now. Since Morphe is now in Ulta, I can just buy it and return it easily if I don’t like anything. Anyway, I don’t know about this one. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried anything from Morphe and if you enjoy your items.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara Holiday Kit, $12.99


image via

I’m definitely going to Get It. The Essence Lash Princess mascara is one of my favorite formulas, high end or drugstore. I’ve used the False Lash Effect (green writing) and the Sculpted Volume (purple writing) versions and I love them both. This is a great deal for a great product. So yeah, I’m totally getting this.

Colourpop @ Sephora, pricing varies on item


You guys know how much I love Colourpop. Well, apparently everyone does because they will soon be available in select Sephora stores and on Sephora’s website. I’m glad that I can now go to a store and swatch stuff before I purchase. It looks like there will be two eyeshadow palettes and a lip gloss trio. I don’t know, guys. The Semi Precious Shadow Palette, $26 is an all shimmer palette, so if I’m getting that Urban Decay metals palette, do I really need another all shimmer palette? The Golden State of Mind Palette, $26, is all metallic shadows too. In theory, I could get both of the Colourpop palettes for about the same price as the Urban Decay one, so that’s a pro. And I do like the Colourpop formula….*deep sigh* I don’t know, guys. I’m undecided. Are you getting anything from the Colourpop items at Sephora?

Well, beauties, there you have today’s Get It or Forget It on new and upcoming releases. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to pick up any of these items and if you’d like to see more Get It or Forget Its in this format.

Until next time, beauties! xoxo


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