My Favorite Things: Nail Polish Edition


Hey there, beauties! Since OPI is the Brand of the Week, I figured I’d share with you guys my favorite nail polish brands and formulas. 

Yesterday, I shared with you my love for OPI, so today we’re going to get into other nail polish brands and formulas that I enjoy.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Formula, pricing varies based on location of purchase


image via

These are definitely my favorite quick-dry formula for nail polish. They go on beautifully and really do dry in about a minute. They have a great color selection ranging from deep colors to glittery shades. My favorite is Black to Black. It goes on pretty opaque with the first layer of polish without being streaky, which can be a huge problem I experience with darker colors of nail polish. The only thing about these that can be a negative is that, depending on the color you use and how rough you are on your hands, these can chip after about a week. I don’t necessarily mind because, like I said, they dry super fast so doing touch-ups if needed doesn’t take forever.

Essie Original Formula, pricing varies based on location of purchase


image via

Essie is one of the first polish brands I tried, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the original formula. They have a gel formula as well, but I haven’t tried them yet because I’m so in love with the original. I can typically get about a week of wear with minimal chipping out of this formula, and they have a ton of colors to choose from. The biggest pet peeve I have with the Essie polish is the brush. It’s super small and skinny, so you end up taking forever to paint your nails.

China Glaze, pricing varies based on location of purchase


image via

China Glaze has some of the most unique colors on the market. They’re always coming out with cool collections. These last fairly long on the nails without chipping. I will say that the neon colors from the brand can go on a little thin, so you have to either use about three coats or put a white polish underneath to get the best color payoff. I do find that their glitter polishes, like pretty much all glitter polishes, are a bit of a pain to take off, but the sparkle is worth it.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, pricing depends on location of purchase


A lot of quick drying top coats leave those weird bubbles in your polish or don’t actually dry fast. The Seche Vite is pretty much a necessity if you paint your nails. It dries super fast and gives our nails an amazing shine that actually lasts until you remove the polish. It’s like a salon gel top coat without the curing light and hassle. I find that it actually extends the life of my polish as well, which is an added bonus. If you don’t try any other polish we discussed today, this one is a definite must have even if you only wear clear polish on your nails. I’ve even used this after I’ve gotten a manicure or set of acrylics at the salon that weren’t shiny enough for me and this took them to the next level every single time. You guys, get this in your life and thank me later.

Alright, my beauties, those are some of my favorite nail polish brands and formulas. What polish do you swear by? Let me know in the comments and tag me in your nail looks on Instagram (@Theregulargirlreviews). Until next time, beauties! xoxo

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