Makeup Battle: Battle of the Makeup Remover Wipes


Hello, beauties! In today’s battle, I’m comparing a few different brands of makeup removing wipes. 

Now, I don’t really use makeup removing wipes to take off my makeup anymore, but have definitely used my fair share in the past. I just find that they dry out faster than I can use them, and I don’t like all of the tugging you have to do to remove your makeup. I’ll use them occasionally these days, but definitely prefer micellar water and cotton rounds to remove my makeup. Either way, let’s get into the battle!

Simple Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes, $7.99 


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As I stated above, I’m a huge fan of micellar water, specifically the Simple Micellar Water. So when I found these wipes, I was super excited to try them out. I find that they retain their moisture for a long time and do a really good job getting my makeup off. The cloths are super soft and the micellar water doesn’t leave that weird film on your skin that some wipes tend to.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-In-1 Pore Purifying Pineapple Enzyme Clean Towelettes, $5.99


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These wipes claim to remove makeup, cleanse and tone your skin while giving your pores a deep, purifying cleanse. I didn’t really experience any deep pore purifying that I noticed when I used them, and still felt the need to do a second cleanse after using them. These leave that funky film I spoke about earlier on my skin, which is definitely not what I’m into. I also found that they didn’t get my mascara or eyeliner off entirely.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Night Calming, $7.99


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Out of all of the makeup wipes I’ve tried, these are by far the worst. Not only do they leave the funky film, they have the worst smell EVER! On top of that, they dry out hella fast. I would never recommend these to anyone. I haven’t tried the other versions they have of these because these turned me off so bad I didn’t want to waste money on another potentially bad product.

Garnier SkinActive Clean + Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes, $5.99


image via

I found these at Ross and figured they were worth giving a go since they were only $3 there for the pack. These weren’t the worst wipes ever, but they weren’t the best for my skin either. While I found that they removed my makeup good enough for me to not necessarily have to do a second cleanse, I didn’t experience the mattifying that the packaging claims to provide. My skin wasn’t as oily after using, but I wouldn’t say it was matte either.

Those are the four contestants in today’s Battle of the Makeup Remover Wipes.


Most definitely the winner for me are the Simple Micellar wipes. They remove my makeup without making my skin feel weird afterwards and don’t dry out after you use three wipes.

Alrighty then, beauties, that’s it for today’s battle. Let me know what makeup remover wipes you use and love in the comments below. Until next time, beauties, be good to yourself today! xoxo


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