YouTuber of the Week: Tifjef069


image via Instagram (@shesfab01)

Hello, my beauties!! This week’s YouTuber of the Week is Tiffany, aka Tifjef069. Keep reading to see why I heart her so.


Y’all know by now that I love me a sassy YouTuber, and Tiffany is definitely that. Her channel is the perfect balance of reviews, favorites videos and get ready with me videos. She has this great series called ‘Haul’d It, But How Was It?’ that I really love. Basically, she gives updates on things she’s recently hauled and lets you know if it was worth the buy or not.

Another series she has that I love is her playlist of Anti-Hauls. I live for a good anti-haul, and hers definitely fit the bill. They have enough shade to make them entertaining, but she’s never disrespectful to the brands she’s talking about, which is super important to me when I’m watching these kinds of videos.

Tiffany is one of my favorites because she’s an everyday woman like I am. She works a ‘regular job’ and is a wife and mother, just talking about makeup like a regular girl sitting with her friends. That’s definitely the vibe I’m here for. And let’s not ignore the fact that she’s GORGEOUS!!!!

You know I’d never steer you wrong, beauties. Go over to Tiffany’s channel, subscribe, and tell her Toni sent you! 🙂


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