Brand of the Week: OPI


Hello, beauties!! I know I talk about make up a lot, but my first love was nail polish. In honor of my first love, this week’s featured brand is one of my favorites, O.P.I. 


OPI The Muppets Collection. Image via

OPI creates some of the best nail polish on the market, period. I will not debate you on this. They have a wide range of shades and finishes, so you’re always going to find something you like.

Another great thing about OPI is that they have a few different formulas. They have their original nail lacquer formula, shown above, as well as their Infinite Shine and Gel Color ranges. The Infinite Shine range is another one I love. It’s a three step system, which doesn’t really take too much time since I typically do three steps anyway (base coat, polish and top coat). The Infinite Shine range of polishes last FOREVER on the nails too, which is always the goal. A lot of their original lacquers can be found in the Infinite Shine range as well, so if you love ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ like I do, you’ll be happy to find it in the Infinite Shine range as well. Their Gel Color range is just like the gel polish used at your favorite nail salon. It has to be cured under the lamp and lasts forever and ever.

I love way too many shades of the OPI polishes to list them all. I will be doing a fall favorites post soon, and a few of my favorite OPI fall shades will surely be included, so stay close for that.

Alrighty then, beauties. Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite OPI nail polish is!


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