My Makeup Collection: Mascara


Every mascara I own is in that bottom drawer.

Hello, beauties!! My mascara collection is pretty small, as you can see. Let’s get into it real quick. 


I’m kind of a mascara snob, so I am quick to toss a mascara that I don’t like. That’s why my collection is so small. All of the ones you see above are ones I enjoy or am planning to test, with the exception of the Essence Volume Stylist (purple tube with black top). I don’t like that one at all. It didn’t really do much for me. Now, two mascaras that aren’t in this pic that I truly adore are the Essence Lash Princess and the Lancome Monsieur Big. They aren’t in this photo because they basically live in my makeup bag. The L’Oreal Lash Paradise is a great one as well, but the formula starts to turn pretty quickly. Like, you know how you can typically have a mascara stay true for about three months before it starts getting weird? Well, the Lash Paradise does that after about six weeks, so keep that in mind before you purchase it.


image via

Another holy grail mascara for me is the Pur Volume Vixen. It gives the perfect amounts of volume, length and separation to your lashes.

There you have it, beauties. That’s my mascara collection. If you have any questions about any of these products, or recommendations for new mascaras to try, please leave me a comment down below or on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews).

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