Tips and Tricks for Winterizing Your Hair


The long, humid days of summer are quickly becoming the color-changing days of fall. Soon, winter will be upon us with its wind chills and dry air. Most of us have heaps of products and tricks to maintain the integrity of our skin, but we often forget that our hair is impacted my the temperature change as well. Keep reading for some of my tips and tricks on carrying for your strands when the weather isn’t the most accommodating. 

Okay so, winter is most definitely my least favorite time of year. It’s cold, and heavy coats are hella cumbersome. My absolute least favorite part of the season I already dread is the effect it has on my hair. I already have dry hair and a dry scalp (the struggle is epic over here, I swear), and it only gets worse in the winter. If you’re like me, the cold weather also tends to make you get a little lazy when it comes to haircare since hats are par for the course if you live in a climate like mine. Unfortunately, you gotta take that hat off at some point, and Lord knows you don’t want to scare small children with the potential mess sitting on top of your head. In an effort to help you (and myself!) get through this upcoming winter with respectable tresses, here are a few tips and tricks I found, and some products I’d recommend that will assist all of us as we battle the cold. Like the great Jon Snow says, ‘Winter is coming’.

Tips for Winterizing Your Hair

Whether you have natural hair or chemically-treated hair, there are a few things that are universal when it comes to protecting and caring for your strands once Jack Frost comes starting his games.

  1. Deep Condition Weekly: Y’all, deep conditioning is already something we should be doing fairly regularly, but if you’re like me, you typically only do it about once a month. As the temperature drops, so does the level of moisture in our hair. Deep conditioning once a week will replenish the moisture that Mother Nature is taking away. For maximum benefits, sit under the dryer with your deep conditioner on for at least 30 minutes. If you’re like me and don’t have a sit under dryer at home, I’ve found that putting on a processing cap and then wrapping my hair in a warm towel, letting it sit for as long as an hour, gives me similar results.
  2. Protective Styling: Whether you like braids, weaves, or anything in between, protective styling does just what the name implies. It protects your hair from the elements and allows it to retain the moisture it’s getting from the deep conditioning you’re doing.
  3. Co-wash Instead of Shampooing: Traditionally, shampoo can be stripping to the hair as it cleans. You know what I mean, when the shampoo makes your hair feel crunchy and dry. Using a co-wash instead will clean your hair while giving it moisture.
  4. Use Heavier Oils/Hair Dressings: In summer, since we typically sweat, we tend to use lighter oils and such to hydrate our strands to prevent buildup and keep the hair from feeling weighed down. In the winter, you basically want to do the opposite. Of course, take your hair type into consideration before doing this. If you have super fine or thin hair, you definitely don’t want to use an oil or hair dressing that is going to make your hair flat and heavy. Either way, make sure you don’t apply too much, or you’re gonna be out here looking crazy.
  5. Cover Your Hair: Wearing a knit hat can totally frizz up and dry out your hair in the winter, but it’s cold, so it’s basically a necessity. Find a hat that is satin-lined to keep the moisture locked in. Here’s a link that will tell you how to line a beanie you already have with satin to keep your hair in tact all winter long.

Now that we have the tips and tricks out of the way, here are a few products that I will definitely be breaking out as the temperature continues to drop.

Recently, I did a review on the Pantene Gold Series, and I love their line. They have a co-wash that I’m interested in trying out, as well as a deep conditioner and a ton of other things. Here’s my review, and you can get the line at your local drugstore. I’m pretty much going to go out and get this entire line for the winter, and it’s great because it’s made especially for both natural hair and chemically-relaxed/colored hair.


I will also be using the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask as my deep conditioner. The line is a little pricey, but definitely worth the investment. You get a huge tub and it will definitely last you through the winter.


image via

I recently discovered the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (WHY are product names so long these days tho?! I mean, sheesh!!) while cruising the haircare aisle at Ulta. This stuff is great if you have a flaky scalp like I do. I’ve noticed that my scalp has a lot less flakiness since I’ve been using this weekly. You apply it to your scalp and rub it into your hair while it’s dry and then shampoo or co-wash it out. They make an Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse that I’m interested in trying as well. Now, although the scalp scrub doesn’t have an exact vinegar smell, you can definitely tell it’s in there. The good thing is, the smell doesn’t linger in the hair once you rinse it out.

Well beauties, those are my tips and tricks for winterizing your tresses. If you have any holy grail winter hair products you love, leave them in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews) so we can all get into some new stuff.




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