YouTuber of the Week: AlissaAshley


image via Instagram (@alissa.ashley)

This week’s YouTuber of the Week is the gorgeous California sweetheart, Alissa Ashley. Keep reading to see more about her and her awesomeness.

Alissa Ashley is just….I mean, look at her! There’s a reason she’s called Glow Mama. There is something incandescent about her that just captivates you while you’re watching her videos. Her tutorials are always full of great tips and tricks that a regular girl like myself can follow without feeling inept in my makeup application skills, and her reviews are always honest and concise.

Alissa is one of the few Influencers that just makes you feel super comfortable while watching her. I always feel like I’m with a friend that’s showing me some new skills when I watch her channel. The best thing about her is that she’s such a sweetie, you can’t help but be in a better mood after watching her.

I hope you guys are familiar with Alissa, but encourage you to head over to her channel and check her out if you’re not. You’ll be so glad you did!

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