Makeup Battle: Pur Pro x Etienne Palette vs the Lorac Mega Pro 4


Since pro palettes seem to be the thing right now, I figured we could have two that I recently acquired go head-to-head and see which one is victorious. Keep reading to see if Pur or Lorac have the heavy hitter in this week’s makeup battle. 

Pur Pro x Etienne palette, $42

The Pur Pro x Etienne palette isn’t the first palette from this brand that I’ve owned, so I kind of knew what to expect from the shadows.  As you can see in the swatches above, they have nice pigmentation. I found that they have as much pigment on the eyes as they do in swatches.

There are ten shimmers and eight mattes in this palette. I found the matte shades to be a bit drier than the shimmers, but not in a way that makes them difficult to use or blend on the eye. I will say that I did have to build 3AM up a little more than I’ve had to with other black shadows I own, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If a black eyeshadow is TOO pigmented, it can make your look go real left, real fast, so I don’t mind a black shadow that I can manipulate to the intensity I want it to be. Both the mattes and shimmers last a really long time on the eye, whether you use a primer or not.

This is a nice palette as a whole. There aren’t any shades in here that I’ve never seen or used before, but I wouldn’t say it’s not worth giving a chance to if you don’t have something similar in your collection already or if you’re looking to try a new brand.

Lorac Mega Pro 4, $59

Before we get started, let’s just address the elephant in the room. When I got my palette, one shade, Vamp, was broken. Hence, the mess. Luckily, Lorac shadows are hella easy to repress, so I was able to save the shade, but that the expense of the aesthetic of my pretty pink palette *insert sad face emoji here*.

Anyway, back to business. Every year for the holidays, Lorac releases a Mega Pro palette filled with 32 shades. The palette is split, so the first two rows are mattes, and the last two rows are shimmery goodness. This is my first Mega Pro, but I’m very familiar with Lorac shadows. If you are as well, you know how soft their shadows are and that they tend to have some fallout and kickup. That doesn’t bother me, because it isn’t an excessive amount, nor does it have an effect on how the shadows work for me. With or without a primer, these shadows last all day and blend amazingly on the eyes.


….The Lorac Mega Pro 4!! Both of these are nice palettes, but the Mega Pro 4 is just better. The buttery softness of the mattes AND the shimmers and the color selection in the palette put it over the Pur Pro palette for me. I would totally repurchase the Lorac palette time and time again. Most of all, it inspires me to go out of my comfort zone and use more colorful shades.

So, which of these do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, and tag me in any looks you’ve done with either on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews). See you for the next battle, beauties!!


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