Regular Girl Rant: Where Is The Shade Range?!


This is going to get a little heavy, folks, so if that’s not your vibe, please feel free to go to another post on the blog. There’s just something that’s been on my mind heavily lately that I just have to discuss. 

I try to keep things as light as possible here, but some things that have taken place in the beauty community lately have been bothering me to the point where I just have to speak my mind about it.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way meant to create drama or controversy. These are things that have been happening that should be addressed as often as possible, in MY opinion, to bring about a change in the community we all share. 

A couple weeks ago, the founder of IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, gave a speech about inclusivity in the beauty community. In the speech, she stated that beauty companies need to stop using ‘unattainable images’ in their advertising campaigns, stating that she created her line (that she recently sold to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion) with ALL women in mind, regardless of their shape or skin type. The keyword in that sentence is TYPE.

Jamie, I have to call bs here, and the photo below will be my reference point.


This is an image of swatches of the full shade range of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Y’all, there are literally only FIVE SHADES. How is that inclusive?! I’m far from the deepest of skintone, but I still have difficulty finding complexion products in her line that will suit me. I’ve used the CC Cream, and actually like it, but the tone is slightly off, so it can look weird on me if I’m not careful. Let’s take a look at another line of her complexion products real quick.


This is the Bye Bye Lines foundation, a newer release from the brand. Seven whole shades, and only ONE deep shade. What part of the game is this?! Does Jamie think that women and men of color don’t wear foundation or something?! Are my dollars not as green as those with more fair skin, so I’m not deserving of a foundation that will actually match my skintone and undertone?

Her powder complexion products have the same issue. The ‘deep’ and ‘rich’ shades are always way off. They’re either too light or have a weird undertone, or both. I just want Jamie, and other beauty company CEOs, to understand that women and men of color want to spend money on complexion products just like everyone else. We love makeup just like everyone else. If the launch of Fenty Beauty has shown us nothing else, it’s brought to the forefront that people of color will make the investment IF THE PRODUCTS ARE THERE. If you don’t have a foundation or powder in our shade, we can’t buy it. DUH. See how that works? I shouldn’t have to mix three different foundations together to get my perfect shade. I shouldn’t have to wait until the third or fourth launch of the foundation for you to MAYBE release a shade that will match me.

It’s 2017. Why are we still having this debate about the lack of inclusivity in makeup. Clearly, it’s possible to release a wide range of foundations on the first round. It all boils down to a lack of consideration for the market, in my opinion. And let me be clear, IT Cosmetics isn’t the only brand with a whack shade range in their complexion department. Stila’s foundation shades are terrible too, as well as Neutrogena, Physicians Formula, and countless others. It’s just ridiculous. Plain and simple. And for Jamie to have the audacity to declare herself and brand inclusive, when she clearly leaves out a whole group of potential customers, is just a little more than ridiculous to me.

I could go on and on about this, but my point will not change. These companies, both major and Indie, that neglect people of color when creating products have got to get that mess all the way together.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject in the comments below, or shoot me a tweet (@theregulargirl1). Does inclusivity determine whether or not you’ll purchase from a brand, even if your shade is included?


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