Cult Classic: Tarte Shape Tape


Today’s Cult Classic is one that really needs no introduction. If you’ve watched a YouTube beauty video in the past year or so, you’ve definitely seen this product. Keep reading to see what I think of the Tarte Shape Tape.¬†


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The Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer¬†came onto the beauty scene a little over a year ago, I believe, and it quickly became every Influencer’s holy grail concealer. It’s a full coverage concealer, so it’s great for those of us with dark under eye circles, discoloration, and all of the other things we want to cover. It also is great for covering blemishes. The formula is so thick and provides so much coverage, that you could truly use it as a foundation if you were so inclined.

Now, all of the statements I made above are true and great. However, for me personally, Shape Tape is just too drying for my under eye. As I’ve told you guys countless times, I have desert dry under eyes, so I can’t use just any ole thing under there, or I’ll be uncomfortable and creased up all day. Even when I’ve put my most hydrating eye cream on prior to using it, the Shape Tape is just way too dry for me. In fact, I had three almost full Shape Tapes and gave them to a friend because I just can’t do it. Doesn’t matter if I just use a dot or a full swipe. My under eye just rejects it totally.

So, would I recommend the Shape Tape? Honestly, I would, and I have. If the formula doesn’t do the things to you that it does to me, I say go for it. It’s not a bad product at all, it just doesn’t work for me.

Do you love the Shape Tape, or do you find it too heavy or drying like I do? Leave me a comment below with your thougts, or tag me on your looks using it via Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews). Also, if you have any tips or tricks I could use to make this work better for me, I gladly welcome them.


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