Out With the Old: Decluttering 101


Makeup junkies like myself can find it difficult to let go of our treasured products because they’re just all so pretty. However, we have to do it. Keep reading to find some of my tips and tricks on decluttering your makeup and why it’s essential. 


I love makeup. I really, really do. However, I know that, if I let my ‘gotta have it all’ feeling take over my sensibilities, I’ll have an apartment full of makeup and, as great as that sounds, I only have one face and can’t wear everything. So, about once a month, I try (keyword: TRY) to go through my collection and declutter things I didn’t like or impulse bought and never used.

Decluttering is essential for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that nothing lasts forever. Makeup has an expiration date, so as much as we’d like to keep that gorgeous highlighter we bought until the end of time, we simply can’t. With all of the new stuff that comes out, there will always be that one thing that catches our eye and makes us forget all about what we already have sitting on our vanity. Therefore, you gotta get rid of the old stuff that’s either already gone bad, or is on its way, so you can replace it with something fresh and new.

Another reason why decluttering is essential is because there are only so many products you can use at once. Even if you are someone that shops your stash regularly, you can use everything. Hanging on to every single foundation you’ve ever owned is just taking up space in your collection and keeping you from trying out the foundation you just purchased, but forgot about because it’s lost in the sea of other stuff you have.

Here are a few tips that have worked for me when it comes to decluttering:


Tip #1: Work in sections

No matter how big or small your makeup collection is, breaking it up into groups will make decluttering so much less overwhelming. You can organize your groups by product (i.e.: foundations, blushes, etc.), or even by brand if you like. For me, I like to break things up by product. It helps me focus on what I’m using, didn’t love, and all that other jazz.

Tip #2: Take it slow

Listen. No one says you have to purge your collection all at once. Take your time and really look at the items you have. If placing a deadline on yourself works for you, then by all means, race against the clock. I’ve found that by taking my time and really looking at and swatching things, I’m able to truly know what can stay and what can go.

Tip #3: Be firm with yourself

If anyone knows how hard it is to let go of products, it’s me. However, in order to make room for all of the new pretty things, and to maximize on your storage space, you have to make the tough choices and stick to it. Think of it this way: By decluttering your makeup, you’ve got the opportunity to give those beauties that either didn’t work for you or aren’t getting use the chance to bring joy to someone else (as long as the products aren’t expired, of course).

Tip #4: Find someone to donate the items to

If the items you’re decluttering aren’t expired, or are able to be sanitized if you’ve used them, I highly recommend donating them. If there is a women’s shelter or organization in your area that accepts makeup products, drop your items off. If you have a friend or family member that you know would love the item that you’re not going to use, give it to them. I have a friend that I give products I decluttered to all the time, and the smile on her face is priceless. Sharing the makeup love will give you such a sense of joy, I promise.

Y’all, I know that collecting makeup is fun. I love looking at my collection. However, I have to be realistic when it comes to what I actually use or what worked for me in reality versus what worked in my mind.

What are some of your decluttering tips? Leave them in the comments below so we can help each other out.



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