Issa Palette Tag


Over the weekend, two of my favorite YouTubers did a collab where they combined three of the most popular palette tags that have been floating around The Tube, and that inspired me to do one of my own. I took bits and pieces of various tags I’ve seen and threw in a couple of my own questions. Keep reading to see what those questions are and what my answers were. Issa Tag, y’all!! We’ve all seen the YouTube videos where our favorite Influencer goes through their eyeshadow palette collection and answers various questions. So, I figured that I would do the same. Enough preamble, let’s get into it!

Question 1: What’s the first eyeshadow palette you purchased?


The very first eyeshadow ‘palette’ I ever owned was one of the Wet n’Wild Color Icon little five shadow sets. The actual one I had, and repurchased numerous times, is the Naked Truth quint (last on the right in the image above). I loved that little thing, and still think that the Wet n’Wild shadows are some of the best at the drugstore. As for my first high end palette, that would be the Tarte Maneater, which is no longer available unfortunately (see image below).


Question 2: What palette do you own that you should’ve passed on?


image via

For me, the Tarte Tartiest Pro palette was initially a dream come true for me upon first glance. I saw the images and reviews and just knew I had to have it. Once I got it, however, I found myself never really reaching for it. It’s not that the shadows aren’t good quality or anything, because they’re truly some gorgeous shades. I just never reached for it, so I ended up decluttering it and giving it to a friend recently so she can give it the love it deserves.

Question 3: Palette you wish you hadn’t missed out on?


image via Pintrest

The Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette. *deep, longing sigh* This palette is most definitely the one that got away for me. I’m not really that into colorful eyeshadow, but something about this palette drew me in and hasn’t let go of my makeup heart since. I mean, just look at it! From the artwork to the shadows themselves, the whole thing is just gorgeous. Every time I see someone post a video talking about this palette, I cry a little inside. Maybe someday Kat will bring it back like so many other brands have done with their ‘limited edition’ products, because all my coins would be in her purse for this palette.

Question 4: Favorite multipurpose palette?


I spoke about this palette yesterday in my Brand of the Week post, so y’all already know how much I love the Tarte Clay Play Face Palette. You can do everything with it that you need to bring your look together. The eyeshadows also work well as brow powders, and the bronzing/contour shades at the bottom work great on the eyes as well as the face.

Question 5: Your Holy Grail palette?

I know the Colourpop Yes, Please palette is fairly new to the market, but it’s quickly become a palette I can’t live without. The shadows blend perfectly and the formula is pretty freaking awesome. My other HG palette is, of course, the Tarte Maneater. I have tons of palettes, but these two are the ones I’d be lost without. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the Colourpop palette, now’s your chance because it’s currently in stock!

Question 6: Your most recent purchase?

The Lorac Mega Pro 4 and the Pur Pro x Etienne Ortega palettes are the two most recent purchases for me. This is my first Mega Pro from Lorac, and I’m excited to use it. I loved my smaller Pro palette, so I’m excited to have this one. Plus, pink is my favorite color, so I had to have this. The Pur x Etienne palette speaks to my love of warm shades, so I figured I’d give that one a go as well. There will be reviews on both of these on the blog soon.


Well, that’s it for my Issa Palette Tag little situation. Please feel free to leave our responses to the questions in the comment box below and pass it along. I’d love to see what you guys have to say!

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