Brand of the Week: Tarte Cosmetics


This week’s Brand of the Week is the first high end brand that I fell in love with. Keep reading to read about some of my faves from Tarte. 

Tarte Cosmetics has such an array of products, it can be difficult to know where to start. For me, the first thing that drew me to the brand were their eyeshadow palettes. Even know, those are the first thing I look for when they have a new release. They have a ton of other products as well, ranging from base and complexion products to skincare. Below you’ll find my personal favorites.

Tarte Clay Play Face Palette, $46


image via

The Clay Play Face Palette is pretty much everything you need in one place. The shades inside of the palette can be used on the eyes as shadows and eyebrow powders, as well as contour/bronzer in the bottom row. Since I’m not much of a contour girl, I pretty much use the entire palette on my eyes. It’s perfect for creating quick eye looks, and their Amazonian clay formula is one of my favorites from this brand.

Maneater Palette (no longer available)


image via

I know, I know. I’m totally a terrible blogger for even bringing up a limited edition product that’s no longer available, but, you guys, this is MY JAM! This is the very first Tarte palette I owned, so it has a special place in my heart. You may be able to find one in an Ulta store still (it was an Ulta exclusive) on a clearance rack, or on ebay/Amazon. If you can get your hands on it, I promise it’s worth it. The shadows are super pigmented, but not in a way that makes them impossible to work with. If you can’t get it, I have an alternative one for you that is just as awesome:


image via Pintrest

The Dream Big palette ($30) has a similar color story to the Maneater, just with shimmers. There are only two matte shades in the palette, which typically puts me off, but the shimmers are so buttery and easy to apply that I am willing to grab another palette for the mattes I need, like the Clay Play.

The Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush


image via

These are some of the most pigmented blushes I’ve owned, and they definitely last on the cheeks for a long time. I don’t know if they last twelve hours, only because I never wear makeup for that long, but definitely can say they’ve lasted on my oily skin for an entire eight hour workday. There are thirteen shades in the range, so you’re bound to find one that works on your skintone that you love.

The Limited-Edition Tartiest Pro Custom Magnetic Palette, $17


image via

I know it’s called limited edition, but these have been out for months and I’ve had no problems getting my hands on them (I have two). I LOVE these! You can fit a ton of single eyeshadows in here, as well as any other singe pans you have. In one of mine, I have a couple of my Tarte blushes that I depotted (they pop righ tout of the compacts and are already magnetized), and my other has 32 Colourpop shadows with room for more. The best part about this palette is that it comes with a HUGE mirror.

Sweet Tarte Rollerball Fragrance, $24


image via

Rollerball fragrances can sometimes be a bummer to use since you don’t get as much of the fragrance as you do from ones in the traditional bottle form. Well, this one from Tarte actually gives me a great amount of fragrance, and the scent lasts for a long time. The rollerball isn’t so loose that it’s going to fall out of the bottle, but it’s loose enough to where the perfume actually drips out of the bottle a little bit so the actual rollerball kind of spreads it out, if that makes sense. I’m a fan of super sweet fragrances, so this is perfect for me. I also like to layer it with my YSL Black Opium to give Black Opium a bit more of a sweet note.

Okay, y’all, these are a few of my favorite items from Tarte. As a whole, I find them to be a good brand with quality products. I have a ton more, but didn’t want you guys to have to read for hours lol. If you’d like to see a part two to this, let me know in the comments below!

So, what are your favorite items from Tarte? Anything to recommend? Leave your favorites and recommendations in the comments below or tag me on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews) or Twitter (@theregulargirl1).


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