Makeup Battle: Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks


Today, we are putting a few of the most popular drugstore liquid lipsticks up against each other. Keep reading to see which one wins the Battle of the Liquid Lips. 

Liquid lipstick currently is a more broad term than it once was. Typically, when someone says¬† they’re wearing a liquid lip, it is typically a matte formula. However, in the past few months, drugstore brands especially have brought out the ‘liquified lipstick’, which is more of a hydrating and shiny formula. Today, I’ll put up a couple of the most popular matte liquid lipsticks at the drugstore and let you know which I love, and which I wouldn’t recommend.

Wet n’Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick, $4.99


image via

When Wet n’Wild released these about a year ago, people completely lost their minds. For the first time, you could find a quality matte liquid lipstick at the drugstore. Then, when you factor in the price, it’s a done deal. Now, we are all familiar with the drying effect you get from matte liquid lipsticks. These are definitely drying, but they aren’t the worst matte liquid lipsticks that I’ve ever encountered. Besides, for basically $5, I can deal with it. The darker shades can be a tad patchy, but I’ve found that par for the course when it comes to dark liquid lipsticks. The good thing is, these are easy to layer without creating that funky crust on the lips. These fade nicely as well, so I’m pretty much here for them.

Sleek Makeup Major Matte Ulta Smooth Matte Lip Cream, $7.99


image via

This liquid lip is fairly new to my collection, so I am still testing it out. So far, I like the consistency, as it is slightly more watery (for lack of a better term) than the Wet n’Wild ones. Because of its thin consistency, however, it can initially apply to the lips a little streaky. The trick to it is to let the first layer completely dry before you go in with the second. Otherwise, it will bunch up and become the hottest of the hot messes. That application situation is why I can’t fully recommend it to you guys until I try at least one more shade and test them both for a little longer.

L’Oreal Infallible Paints/Lips Matte, $9.99


image via Beauty Tidbits

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I hate these. I applied this at 8am and by 10am, it had worn away to almost nothing on my lips. The formula isn’t super drying or anything, but I can’t deal with a quick fading matte liquid lipstick. That defeats the purpose for me personally. I know so many people that love these, but I just can’t deal with the short wear time.

Okay so, after tallying the scorecards, the winner of this Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks: Drugstore Edition is the Wet n’Wild Liquid Catsuit. These have the best wear time out of the three (although the Sleek one is a close second) and are the most comfortable for me.

What’s your favorite drugstore matte liquid lipstick? Let me know in the comments below, or tag me in a photo wearing your fave on Instagram (@theregulargirlreviews).

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